Trump Entertains Idea That China Released Covid to Hurt His Reelection Chances

Via Breitbart:

During a wide-ranging Wednesday interview on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” former President Donald Trump suggested that Chinese President Xi Jinping allowed COVID-19 to spread in an effort to get Trump defeated in 2020.

Trump said he doesn’t think the China Communist Party did it on purpose but said he doesn’t “want to be naïve.” He argued that China “hated everything” he did, including imposing tariffs.

“Do you think General Secretary Xi knew about COVID and let it spread without doing anything because he didn’t want to be disadvantaged?” host Hugh Hewitt asked.

“Well, I happen to think, yeah, I happen to think that look, the question that you’re really asking is did they do it on purpose, and I don’t think so,” Trump replied. “You know, don’t want to be naïve. There are many people that I respect that do think so, OK? And a lot of people think they did it so that I would lose the election, but I got 12 million more votes than I got the first time. So obviously, something happened. You know, I was told if you get 63 million, which I got in 2016, you get 63 million votes, you win. I got 75 million votes. I got 12 million more, more than any other sitting president ever by far, not even close. Usually, they get less, like Obama got less his second time. But I got 12 million more, a record, and lost.”

This is classic Trump. He answers that no, he doesn’t think China did it on purpose, but hey, a lot of people certainly think they did, people are saying they did, a lot of smart people are talking about it, you take a look….etc.

It’s his way of taking a position without actually taking that position. At the very least it’s his way of bringing attention to a “controversial” topic and having the leeway to discuss it without being criticized for espousing it.

It’s a really smart way of communicating especially when you have a media that is out to destroy you 24/7. He can always just say, “No, I never said I thought China released Covid on purpose. Look at the quote. That’s Fake News, people!”

“And a lot of people think that if he did it, he did it for that reason, because of the tariffs and other things,” he continued. “You know, we took in hundreds of billions of dollars from China under me. Prior to me, we never took in 10 cents, not one dollar did we take in. They were ripping us. And you know, that’s, in fact, I noticed that the Obama people don’t have the economic courage to end the tariffs. They were talking about we’re going to end the tariffs. Well, it’s so much money is pouring in on the tariffs, and companies are leaving and coming back to the United States and going to other places.”

“Let me understand you, Mr. President. Are you saying that President General Secretary Xi may have unleashed the virus, or at least allowed it to spread recklessly because he wanted you to lose?” Hewitt clarified.

“Well, I think there’s a theory out there,” Trump responded. “That’s certainly one of many theories because I was doing very well against China. We rebuilt our military. We did things that nobody thought possible. In that period of time, we rebuilt our military. We created Space Force, which they hate, by the way. They were taking over space.”

Trump is honestly the funniest guy in the country. “They were taking over space.” These quotes are gold. Pure gold.

“They were taking over space.” 😂😂😂

I’m not saying it’s inaccurate to say China was winning the space race and building space-based weapons, etc. On that point Trump is 100% right. But it’s the way he says it that’s hilarious.

“And they hate it. They hated everything I did,” he added. “I got along with him great on a personal — it’s like Putin. I get along with him, and I got along with Xi great. I got along with all of them. I get along with Kim Jong un. The ones I didn’t get along with were the weak ones.”

Trump is probably 100% right, to be honest.

The only thing he didn’t mention was that our government (Fauci) was in on it with China. They wanted to get rid of Trump as well, and pull in billions for Big Pharma.

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