Dr. Peter McCullough: “85% of Covid Deaths Could’ve Been Prevented with Early Treatment”

Another clip from this phenomenal interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast:

85% of deaths could’ve been prevented with early treatment according to this medical professional and with everything I’ve seen this is absolute true!

The fact that we’re still not promoting early treatment is absolutely insane and cruel https://t.co/YHaGBbpiNt

Originally tweeted by Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) on December 14, 2021.

“As more and more of my patients were getting sick with Covid-19, I told people, ‘I won’t let the virus slaughter my people, I can’t do it.’ I said, there’s got to be something I could do.

Early I used hydroxychloroquine, other drugs in combintion. Pierre Kory, I give him great credit, his first contribution was actually steroids in use against Covid-19.

So we started using steroids once it was shown to us. We added steroids, the data started coming out on anti-coagulants–and that’s how I put it together.

I tell you, Joe: every single one of my high-risk patients, I’ve always treated to prevent hospitalization and death. Of the 800,000 deaths we’ve had right now, I can tell you, to a one, they received either no or inadequate early treatment.”

It isn’t exactly hard to prove this, either. Go to the CDC’s website and look at their protocol for early treatment: there isn’t much there.

Current clinical management of COVID-19 consists of infection prevention and control measures and supportive care, including supplemental oxygen and mechanical ventilatory support when indicated. FDA has approved one drug, remdesivir (Veklury), for the treatment of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients aged 12 years and older who weigh at least 40 kg.

Remdesivir, however, costs $2,600 per patient for a full five-day treatment. And it’s not even effective against Covid:

News media prematurely reported that patients were responding to treatment [from remdesivir].

But the published data later showed that “remdesivir was not associated with statistically significant clinical benefits [and] the numerical reduction in time to clinical improvement in those treated earlier requires confirmation in larger studies.”

The controversy surrounding remdesivir therefore revolves around whether the drug is actually an effective treatment.

Early studies produced conflicting evidence on remdesivir’s effectiveness. Some found that Covid patients who received the drug recovered faster and fewer people died, but other studies showed that it didn’t reduce the length of hospitalization or death rate.

The drug is administered over 5 or 10 days. A five-day course of treatment costs around $2600 per person.

So for a hospital with hundreds of Covid patients, that would amount to millions of dollars for one antiviral.

That price could be cost-effective if remdesivir saved lives and its use was limited to moderate or severe disease, but it’s also being made available for milder cases and WHO found that it isn’t a lifesaving drug.

Remdesivir, an expensive drug that doesn’t even work, and being put on a ventilator are the approved early treatments for Covid-19.

The FDA has approved monoclonal antibodies under the Emergency Use Authorization for early treatment of Covid, but that was only after 8 months of the pandemic, and even still, only for patients who are categorized as “high risk”. This article describes just how lacking the early treatment options are:

When the pandemic first began, no specific treatment for COVID-19 existed. Since this time, however, the FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to several monoclonal antibody therapies as a treatment for COVID-19.

“For the first eight months of the pandemic, there was very little that clinicians could do for those who tested positive for COVID-19 but did not require hospitalization — beyond taking a wait-and-see approach, explains Dr. Howard J. Huang, medical director of the Houston Methodist Lung Transplant Center. “If a person’s symptoms became severe, we could at that point manage and treat the resulting complications via oxygen therapy and other methods. But, the ideal scenario is to prevent severe symptoms from ever developing in the first place.”

With monoclonal antibody therapy, physicians now have a way to help prevent severe symptoms from developing in those who are high risk.

Monoclonal antibody treatment is available to individuals who:

—Are high risk** for developing severe COVID-19 AND

—Have a positive COVID-19 test and have not yet been admitted to the hospital AND

—Are 12 years of age or older (and at least 88 pounds)

Back to the video:

Joe Rogan: “So, in your opinion, if your protocol had been established and distributed worldwide and people had recognized that. If people had recognized that this is the way to deal with early treatment, do you think that the overall number of Covid deaths would have been significantly reduced?”

Peter McCullough: “I testified before the US Senate on September 19, 2020, I told Americans under oath, that 50% of the lives could have been saved. We only had about 250,000 deaths at that time. I then testified on March 10, 2021 in the Texas Senate, sworn testimony, I upped that to 85% of the deaths could have been avoided.

We know that because we carried out studies, we did one here in Dallas-Forth Worth, where we demonstrated that even the early primordial protocols, before the monoclonal antibodies, when we used drugs in combination, they were associated with 85% reductions in hospitalizations and deaths…

We’ve had three studies showing that early, multi-drug therapy for outpatients works, substantially.

And we’ve had a giant loss of life–millions and millions of unnecessary hospitalizations–and it seemed to me…. that early on, there was an intentional, very comprehensive suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization and death. And it seemed to be completely organized and intentional in order to create acceptance for, and then promote, mass vaccination.”

If he’s speaking the truth, this is nothing less than a crime against humanity. The Health Establishment let all these people die on purpose just so they could fear-monger about the virus and push vaccines on people. The higher the death toll of the virus, the more they could shove it in people’s faces and coerce compliance.

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