Florida Woman Says Vaccinated Dad with Covid Saved by Ivermectin

I know, I know “Florida Woman,” ha ha ha.

But we have yet another case of Ivermectin saving someone’s life:

Mindy’s son is a firefighter and EMT. She said that his fire chief called the hospital threatening to do something about it and eventually he was taken off the restraints. 

Priscilla said that they threatened to transfer him to another hospital unless they would treat him with Ivermectin and convalescent plasma. 

The doctors agreed and were able to get him on eight pills a day for five days from the hospital’s pharmacy. Mindy said that her father’s size determined his dosage. 

Priscilla said they started seeing little improvement by the second day but really began to see him get better by the end of the five-day regimen of Ivermectin. 

Eventually, they transferred him to a downtown hospital within the same health system after they were still requesting they sign DNRs, with Priscilla saying that the new facility gave him ‘totally different care.’

‘The staff seemed to be more professional, more encouraging,’ she added.

By March 21, David went home. It took him about six more weeks to get fully off of oxygen treatments.  

‘The isolation through all of this was extremely hard,’ said Priscilla, who said that at South Lake Hospital they could only visit him for 30 minutes a day. At Downtown Orlando Hospital, she could visit him for up to ten hours a day. 

Priscilla said that her husband remains the outgoing, generous man he was before and likes to stay in touch with friends, family and even former co-workers, even if it’s just a phone call. 

Mindy said the reason for her father’s recovery is simple. 

‘The doctors said there’s no other way to explain it other than ivermectin because he had no immune system,’ she said, citing his chemotherapy treatments. 

She now wants other people to be able to try the anti-parasite drug. 

‘It’s so frustrating to me when a patient is dying that they’re not allowed to at least try what we know is a very safe drug that has been used all around the world in millions of people,’ she said. ‘There has to be a reason and no one can explain it to me.’ 

A representative for Orlando Health, which manages both hospitals, refused to get discuss Lafevers’ recovery.

‘We are unable to comment on specific patient cases due to federal privacy regulations,’ a spokesperson told DailyMail.com.

Of course you won’t comment. You wanted David Lafevers to die, and you’re pissed that his life was saved by Ivermectin.

Hospitals when they’re forced to give a dying Covid patient Ivermectin and he ends up recovering and surviving:

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