“You’re Not Going to Get Covid if You Have These Vaccinations”

From July:

This has to go down as one of the biggest lies ever told by the US government.

Never allow them to move the goalposts on the vaccines. Never allow them to forget what they said about the vaccines at the start.

At the start of the vaccination push, the promise was that the vaccines would immunize you against Covid.

Now that that is clearly not true, they have lowered the bar and claim that the vaccines only prevent hospitalization and death from Covid.

That’s great, but that’s not what they promised the nation at the start of the vaccine rollout.

The promise was that vaccination equaled immunity.

Do not allow them to move the goalposts.

The logical premise behind a vaccine mandate is that vaccines prevent infection, but they do not.

Never let them get away with this. They promised the vaccines would stop the spread of Covid.

That’s why they called the Covid shots “VACCINES” in the first place.

If the intent all along was for the “vaccines” to only prevent severe illness and death, they wouldn’t have called them “VACCINES.

They would’ve called them “treatments.”

BONUS: Here’s Fauci saying it, too.

DOUBLE BONUS: Here’s Biden on December 5, 2020 saying that he does not believe the vaccine should be mandatory.

The reporter’s question at the beginning is hard to hear, but he asks Biden if he believes the vaccine should be made mandatory.

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