Chicago & Washington DC Announce Vax Mandates

Washington’s will begin 1/15, which shows you how urgent a matter this is:

Chicago is doing the same, although Mayor Lori Lightfoot went out of her way to make it known that the point of the mandate is to make life miserable for people who won’t comply:

“It is inconvenient by design.”

Well it sure ain’t scientific.

Vaccinated people can still get, spread and die of Covid.

Having a vaccine card does not mean you can’t spread Covid. If your objective is to prevent the spread of Covid, simply demanding people show a vaccine card at the door is not going to do that. Turning away unvaccinated people and allowing in only vaccinated people does not mean Covid cannot spread in your establishment.

At least as far as Chicago goes, from what I’ve heard the restaurant industry capitulated to the mandate because the alternative would have been a full-blown shutdown of all indoor dining.

I feel like the city of Chicago would’ve done the vaccine mandate either way, though. My guess is the only thing they backed down on was the full-blown shutdown. But I’m sure that’s around the corner anyway.

These liberal Democratic cities are going to be under lockdown and Covid restrictions for an indefinite amount of time. Who knows when it will end?

Will the vaccine mandates ever end at all? Are we going to be expected to get boosters every six months for the rest of our lives?

Nobody ever talks about how long these vaccine mandates are going to be in effect for.

We have to assume they’re permanent, no? As in the Covid Vaccine™ is mandatory if you ever want to live a normal life again.

Would this be such a surprise?

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