Donald Trump Reveals His True Colors

Donald Trump, who apparently now only cares about having his ego stroked, has revealed its true colors:

All you have to do is say nice things about Trump and gas him up and he will do a complete 180 on anything he’s ever said or believed in his entire life. No, Don, it does not “make a lot of people happy.”

It makes you happy.

You are the only one who feels good here.

This guy has been bitching nonstop for the past year about how he never gets any credit for the vaccine.

Meanwhile his supporters are losing their jobs for not taking the shot. Trump does not give a shit at all.

If he was in office right now, he would not be doing a thing to stop Private Businesses™ from enforcing vaccine mandates. He would not be lifting a finger to stop Democratic mayors as they impose vax mandates.

Not a damn thing would be different on that front.

Leave Donald Trump in the past. This guy doesn’t have a clue.

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