Joe Rogan: Pierre Kory Treated Over 200 Members of Congress With Ivermectin

Well isn’t that something:

No names were mentioned, of course. But I would be interested to know just who those Members of Congress were.

That’s a sizable percent of Congress: there are 535 members in total in total between the House and Senate.

They’re apparently lining up for Ivermectin while going to great lengths to discourage you from using it–and discouraging doctors from prescribing it as well.

Even if everyone Kory prescribed Ivermectin to is a Republican, that still begs the question, why aren’t more Republicans out there pounding the table and demanding Ivermectin be allowed for early treatment? Why aren’t there Republicans out there telling their stories of how they took Ivermectin and recovered from Covid?

Because it’s not just the Democrats who are owned by Big Pharma.

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