NY POST: Pfizer Booster “Protection” Against Omicron Drops Off After 10 Weeks

I put “protection” in quotes because as we can all see, the vaccines do not prevent anyone from getting omicron.

But apparently, according to this New Study, getting triple-vaxxed only buys you 10 weeks against omicron. That’s it.

The effectiveness of Pfizer’s booster shot against symptomatic Omicron significantly wanes after 10 weeks, a new study said this week — as experts weigh whether fourth shots are necessary.

The UK Health Security Agency said those who had received three doses of Pfizer’s vaccine saw their protection against symptomatic illness caused by the variant drop from 70 percent to 45 percent within 10 weeksaccording to a reportreleased Thursday.

Now, this is the point of contention regarding omicron:

Researchers said they believe the booster will be more effective at preventing severe illness.

“There are insufficient severe cases of Omicron as yet to analyze vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization, but this is expected to be better sustained, for both primary and booster doses,” the report said.

Is omicron simply milder and less likely to result in death/hospitalization, or is it only because the vaccines prevent death/hospitalization?

What is the real explanation?

I’d wager it’s probably a little bit of both.

But at any rate, this study shows us that the vaccination strategy is never going to work. It’s simply not viable.

You get triple vaxxed with Pfizer and you only get 10 weeks of “protection” against this new variant of Covid.

What the hell are we doing here?

Are we going to require people to get vaxxed every 10 weeks now in order to have a job in this country?

Even an every-six-months vaccine strategy was ridiculous and unrealistic.

But every 10 weeks? Just forget about it. Even the most brainwashed Karens and Covidiots are going to get sick of that eventually.

This whole idea of perpetual booster shots is completely unworkable. The vaccines only provide 10 weeks of “protection.”

There is no way you can force people to keep getting this thing every 10 weeks as a condition of their employment, and their freedom in general.

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