Twitter is Not Representative of Real Life

I use Twitter quite frequently because it is the best way to stay up-to-date (really, up to the second) with the news, and also to follow smart people who have great takes on the news.

But sometimes, it feels like you are overrun by people who have completely lost their grip on reality. You wonder to yourself, “This is really how people in this country think?”

It’s important to remember that Twitter is not an accurate sampling of real life. The views you see expressed on Twitter are not representative of how Americans truly view the world.

Only 22% of American adults use Twitter:

Only 1 out of 5 Americans use Twitter on a regular basis.

Plus, the top 10% of tweeters produce 80% of the tweets:

And the majority of those people on Twitter are leftwing liberals. Pew Research also found this:

Twitter is not real life.

People who spend too much time on Twitter are, and this is just based on my person experiences and observations, more likely to be mentally ill.

I’ve seen an uptick in the amount of straight-up batshit crazy posts on Twitter, and not just from leftwing people. Most of the people I follow are “alternative media” or rightwing. And even these people are starting to lose their minds.

Twitter is not real life. Spend too much time on Twitter and you will probably start to go insane.

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