NYPD Terrorize Diners, Demand Vaccine Passport From Young Child


Originally tweeted by Cyn Clagar (@cynclagar) on December 27, 2021.

What a lovely new world we are living in when you go out for a meal and a squad of police barge in, persecute a little boy then demand to see everyone else’s papers. This is the vax passport world so many are begging for. #NotAboutAVirus #NOVAXPASSPORTS

I am not anti-cop.

But I am definitely not pro-cop. This is exactly why.

The police are not on our side.

They will do as they’re told, no matter what. They have jobs and pensions that are more important to them than our rights.

They will “just follow their orders” even if it means sending you off to the gulag. Mark my words.

Truly pathetic indeed.

The police are not our friends.

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