NYT: Israeli Docs Say 4th Vax Shot May Diminish Your Immune System

The tide continues to turn. Covid fatigue is setting in all over the place:

It obviously cannot be a good thing if you have to get 4 shots in a year.

As a general principle, continually supplementing something makes it harder for your body to produce that thing. Eventually you grow dependent on the supplement and stop producing whatever it is naturally.

I know for example people who take melatonin to sleep a lot eventually develop a tolerance for it and have to take more and more melatonin in order to get to sleep.

Guys who take steroids (testosterone) have to cycle off of it and restart their bodies’ natural testosterone production process or else they start growing boobs and become women—their bodies aren’t naturally producing testosterone because it became dependent on the testosterone supplements/ injections.

I have no idea if the vaccine works the same way, but the fact remains that it simply cannot be good that people have to get vaccinated 4 times in under a year. That’s got to be bad for your immune system.

It just makes intuitive sense. Again, I have no idea if this is actually how vaccines work, but I personally would not want to be in a position where my immune system is dependent on getting a shot every 4-6 months.

The tide is turning. Covid fatigue is spreading even to the scientific classes, and even the New York Times is reporting on it.

It feels like Biden is being told to pivot away from Covid going into 2022 after his “no federal solution” comments.

His account tweeted this out yesterday afternoon not long after he threw in the towel on Covid and peaced out to Delaware for vacation:

Setting aside the sheer gall and ridiculousness of such a statement, it seems as if he and the Democrats are now in the process of pivoting away from Covid and onto other matters.

Covid is done. Cases are about to hit an all-time high in the US and yet it feels like Covid fatigue is becoming more and more prevalent. It feels like the People In Charge are throwing in the towel.

They know omicron is mild, resistant to vaccines and serves as a natural vaccine in its own right, and so it basically makes the vaccines obsolete.

The triple-vaxxed, asymptomatic morons lined up around the block in New York for Covid tests apparently haven’t gotten the memo that Covid is old news.

Airline CEOs have come out and said it’s pretty much pointless to wear masks on flights because of how clean and filtered the air is in the cabin.

It just feels like the facade is crumbling and all the fearmongers are pulling back.

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