All The Government’s Lies on Covid, Documented

Over the past few days, Dilbert creator turned semi-rightwing Twitter personality Scott Adams has been having a rough time. He is utterly flabbergasted trying to understand how he, the brilliant creator of Dilbert comics and a Very Smart Person, was misled by the Experts™ on so much when it came to Covid.

His main point is that he interpreted The Data™ correctly, but in trusting the Expert Scientific Data™, which wound up being wrong, he himself ended up being wrong.

But he refuses to give any credit to the people who distrusted the Expert Scientific Data™ from the start, saying that they were right but for the wrong reasons.

What Adams is basically saying right now is that he was not wrong for trusting The Data™, even though it wound up being spectacularly wrong.

Scott Adams, despite being right on so much over the past 5 years, still somehow has faith in the Experts™ and all their Data™.

He still does not understand why so many of us distrusted the Data™ and the Experts™ from the start, even when they were saying the Vaccine™ is wonderful and perfect.

We distrusted the the Data™ because it came from terrible and untrustworthy people–Fauci, Biden, the CDC, Big Pharma. Adams, despite being fully aware that all the Experts™ are not to be trusted, still trusted them anyway, and is asking to be let off the hook because he simply Trusted The Experts.

Further, he’s saying that just because all the Experts™ have been proven wrong does not mean they were lying when they said the vaccines were safe and effective.

Maybe Scott Adams isn’t a liar, but he willingly trusted known liars and is now claiming he was totally justified in doing so.

Basically Scott Adams is in the process of spiraling, desperately trying to avoid admitting he was wrong in placing his trust in terrible people.

It’s true that we didn’t know the early vaccine data was bogus when it was first released. But many of us reasoned that the data was not to be trusted from the very start, for the simple reason that it came from untrustworthy people, and because the odds of a perfectly safe and effective vaccine being slapped together in 9 months were extremely low, despite what the early data claimed.

He’s still defending the “Experts,” claiming that they simply “got it wrong:

Even if he’s correct, and the Experts™ simply got it wrong, this is still completely unacceptable. Especially now that they’re mandating everyone get this vaccine as a condition of both employment and freedom.

You are simply not allowed to be this wrong on something so massively important and consequential. It’s unacceptable.

So now Adams is demanding proof of things that the Government and Big Pharma lied about:

People on Twitter were more than happy to oblige, and Adams was soon inundated with examples. I’m going to list them all off here:

  • 15 days to slow the spread. That was an obvious lie.
  • Covid is dangerous for children. We’ve known that’s not true since the very start of this whole thing.
  • Vaccine mandates won’t happen. We were called conspiracy theorists for saying they would, and now they’re here.
  • The lab leak “theory” is untrue. We don’t yet have proof that this was a lie, but anyone with a functioning brain can tell it’s a lie.
  • Ivermectin is “horse paste.” This was a provable and malicious lie from the very start. In fact, it’s even worse than that: think of how many people needlessly died of Covid because they were wrongfully denied early treatment in the form of ivermectin.
  • Another example that the elites were lying is that they have been for the past 2 years been banning dissident voices from social media under the guise of “spreading misinformation.” If the Experts™ were simply searching for the truth the same as the rest of us, then why would they need to ban people from social media and silence all dissenting voice? Doing so presumes “settled science.”
  • When the Experts™ said that the George Floyd protests/riots were perfectly fine because social justice was more important than the virus.
  • They have been lying from the very start about natural immunity, insisting at first that it only lasts for a short while, and then lying even more in saying that vaccine “immunity” is far superior to natural immunity, when we all know that’s not true.

These are the biggest and most consequential Covid lies over the past 2 years that come to mind.

Ben Shapiro just put together an excellent thread on the many reversals the Experts have made in the past week or so. I know I’m often pretty critical of Shapiro (mainly over his warmongering), but this is spot-on:

It’s all unraveling before our eyes.

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  1. Armando Silvier says:

    I could care less what Scott Adams thinks. Our governments and all who supported them prior to the plandemic appear to have been so well prepared for this plandemic that it boggles the mind; in fact, it appears that foreknowledge was not only far in advance — the preparations for the introduction of communist and fascist-style social engineering, “smart cities” based on Agenda 21/30; and the crushing of the will of the people — were all decades in the planning. My point is that our governments and all who are still supporting them are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity including mass murder and democide. They MUST be held accountable and they MUST pay for their crimes.

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