The World’s Fattest Man in 1890, Considered a Freak Back Then, Is a Fairly Common Sight in America 2022

This is from Reddit:

Now I’m not 100% sure this post is accurate and that this guy truly was the world’s fattest man in 1890, but you can see he’s wearing circus-like attire, and is clearly being presented as some sort of unusual freak of nature.

This guy looks like a slightly-fatter-than-average cubicle drone in modern America.

You see a guy this fat nowadays and you barely even bat an eye. It’s a common sight. It is normal for people to be this fat in modern day America.

He probably weighs between 300-400 pounds, depending on his height. If he’s 6’ tall he’s gotta be in the 350 range. If he’s taller than 6’ he’s probably around 400.

Currently the obesity rate among American adults is over 42%:

You go out and take a trip to Costco or Walmart or the mall, and you see so many fat people. We’ve become desensitized to seeing fat people all over the place. But something is clearly very wrong in this country in terms of people’s diets and lifestyles. There are just so many fat people.

I’ve been to Japan. There were virtually no fat people there. And the food, the portion sizes are way smaller than we typically have here in America. I don’t know if that’s the reason Japanese people are in such better shape than Americans, but I’m sure it’s part of it.

Obesity is one of the biggest problems in America and barely anyone talks about it.

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  1. I Love America says:

    There’s plenty said about it nowadays. But unfortunately it’s to celebrate it. “Healthy at any weight”. It’s called fat-shaming if you point out the detriment of obesity.

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