The Calvinball Government

The rules are changing once again:

The way to understand this constant rule-changing and reversing is that it’s Calvinball.

If you’ve ever read the Calvin & Hobbes comics, you know what I mean. Calvinball is a made up sport that Calvin and Hobbes play. It has no rules at all, and the rules are simply made up as they go.

Because the rules are made up on the fly, in the comics, Calvin and Hobbes would often just invent rules for their own selfish benefit when they find themselves in a predicament. As soon as you start losing, you change the rules to tilt the playing field in your favor.

This is how our government works. It’s pure Calvinball. It’s capricious; unfair, inconsistent, and inherently so. Whatever benefits our government in the moment, that becomes the rule.

When the rule no longer benefits the government, the rule is changed on a whim, and treated as if it never existed at all.

“Spreading misinformation” is dangerous and bad, but not all the time. When the government says the vaccine prevents infection, that doesn’t count as misinformation.

Because Calvinball.

In addition to all the Calvinball reversals we’re now seeing on Covid-19*, the media is now laying the groundwork to invalidate the results of the 2022 midterms, which Republicans are expected to win in a landslide.

They’ve all got their new marching orders:

“DEMOCRACY IS IN CRISIS!!!!!” the independent and honest media outlets all said in perfectly coincidental unison.

The sheer fucking audacity of these people. It’s incredible, really. They steal a Presidential election in plain view of everyone, censor anyone who questions the results, stage a phony insurrection, use it as an excuse to crack down on domestic political dissidents, and now they’re saying “democracy” is under fire by the Republicans.

It’s one thing to be a liar (which they all are). It’s another thing entirely to accuse others of the very thing you yourself are guilty of. They stole an election and are now accusing us of destroying democracy.

It’s one thing to say the election wasn’t stolen and cover up any inquiries into the matter. It’s a whole different level of brazen dishonesty to say, “ACTUALLY, it’s Republicans who are a threat to democracy.”

It really is incredible.

It’s Calvinball. That’s really the only way to describe it. A year ago, it was strictly Against The Rules to question the Integrity Of Our Democracy™.

Now it’s mandatory to do so.

* I saw the other day someone said we should always call it Covid-19 to remember exactly when this virus came about: 2019. Calling it simply “Covid” obscures that fact. “Covid-19” keeps the truth front and center: the government has now taken 2 years of our lives and counting.

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