Democrats Are Now the Karen Party

This op-ed by Kristin Tate appeared at The Hill:

After Barack Obama’s 2008 White House victory, Democrats believed they had created an unbreakable “coalition of the ascendant” voters, driven by increasing participation of minority groups and college-educated women. But recent left-wing economic and policy woes have brought about a demographic realignment that threatens to sink Democrats’ chances not just for 2022, but for the next several decades. 

When I was in college studying political science, the prevailing assumption about the future of American politics was that as the nation grew less and less white (through mass immigration), it would become increasingly harder for Republicans–the white party–to win elections, until eventually it hit a point where the Republicans were completely unable to ever win a national election ever again.

Assumed was that Democrats would maintain overwhelming control of minority voters, and that that control was permanent and unchangeable.

But nowadays that old conventional wisdom–which actually dates all the way back to 2002 in a book called “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” written by Ruy Teixeira and John Judis–is now apparently crumbling.

It seems as if the assumption that Democrats would maintain a permanent and indefinite stranglehold on the minority vote is in the process of being proven wrong as we speak–and well before even 2040, when Teixeira and Judis predicted Democrats would hit the point of no return and never lose another election again.

As President Biden’s approval ratings have tanked with nonwhite voters, the Democratic Party increasingly has become dominated by liberal white women who virtue-signal with suburban lawn signs and then henpeck people in supermarkets to pull their face masks up over their noses.

Perfectly stated. This is the rallying cry of the Karen Party:


Take that, people who don’t believe science is real!

Or, put more simply, the Democratic Party is at risk of becoming a party of “Karens.” Recent polling suggests that Hispanic and Black voters are abandoning the party — many of these individuals are being harmed by the surging inflationanti-business COVID measures, and exploding crime rates in urban areas brought about by a year of left-wing measures.

For more than a decade, Democrats worked to build a voting base composed of minorities and unmarried women. After Donald Trump’s 2020 loss, it would appear the mission was being accomplished. White voters dropped from 81 percent of the electorate in 2000 to just 67 percent two decades later. Meanwhile, Biden carried a whopping 63 percent of single women in 2020.

However, poor public policy over the past year is already casting the idea of a continuing Democratic majority in doubt. Recent polling suggests that Hispanic and Black Americans are more likely to vote as individuals than as aggrieved racial blocs.

Wow, it’s almost as if black and Hispanic “voters” are actually real Americans who have concerns and interests, and vote according to those concerns and interests. It’s almost as if they’re not robotic lever-pullers who vote purely based on their race.

In February, nearly 70 percent of Hispanic voters supported Biden — by November, that number had crashed to below 50 percent. In early polling for the 2022 midterms, Hispanic voters split 37-37 percent between the two major parties in their congressional preferences.

It’s important to note that this is just a poll. The election still has to happen, and the votes still have to be cast. It’s one thing for Hispanic voters to tell pollsters they’re bailing on the Democratic Party, it’s quite another thing for them to actually do so by voting Republican.

There are many fingers that could be pointed at why, but two factors seem most significant. First, to borrow a phrase from James Carville, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Record high stock prices and artificially low unemployment rates can’t paper up rampant inflation, supply shortages and decreasing numbers of employees in the workforce. Among a population that owns their own businesses at parity rates with whites and whose average incomes are catching up with the majority population, the wider economy is more than an abstract concept. Second, the cancer of wokeness is downright anathema to Hispanic Americans. Forty percent find the phrase “Latinx” offensive and just 2 percent of the group actually uses the phrase.

I’ve written in-depth about this. Democrats have to choose between transgender voters and Hispanic voters, and Democrats chose the transgender voters.

The panic must be real for Democrats. Not only are émigrés from socialism among Venezuelan and Cuban Americans increasingly voting Republican, so are Mexican Americans — especially in South Texas. The disapproval rate for Biden among the group is higher than that among whites.


Among Black voters, Biden’s approval had fallen from 85 percent to 67 percent by September and has continued to slide. The increasingly vapid demands of the urbane upper-middle class often harm the communities that liberals claim to help. NIMBYism drives up housing prices for minority residents. “Defund the police” rhetoric has led to major cuts in law enforcement in some cities, as violent crime soars and quality of life declines. Families in cities such as Chicago, which has experienced more murders in 2021 than any year since 1996, are forced to live with shootings that occur routinely in public areas — in some cases, young children have been killed by flying bullets. Black Democrats are 20 percent more likely to support more police funding than their white counterparts.


It is quite literally white liberals vs. everyone else now in this country.

Large looting gangs rove San Francisco and Chicago. Poor policy and rampant handouts have created tent cities in former tourist areas such as Venice Beach, Calif. Homeless people and drug addicts fill subway cars in New York City. Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood is known for being a large, open-air drug market. Now, COVID-19 vaccine mandates have helped to destroy immigrant-owned businesses and may disproportionately affect Black residents. The issues most crucial to the new kingmakers of the Democratic Party are not only counter to the popular will of many nonwhite voters but may actively harm them.  

The Democratic Party is the party of vaccine mandates, but that is not because black voters want vaccine mandates. It’s because white liberal Karens, who now run the Democratic Party, want them. The Karens love vaccine mandates because they love telling people what to do.

If the Democratic Party no longer has Hispanic and Black voters as electoral locks, it is left with a diminishing constituency of its most consistent members: single, college-educated white women, who dominated last year’s social media slacktivism and protests. It is possible that this liberal woman demographic would be able to hold enough sway to choose Democrat nominees for the foreseeable future. And yet, party bigwigs must understand that as offensive as much of the electorate considered Donald Trump, morphing into the party of “Karens” who are more concerned about your carbon footprint than keeping your community safe, likely will further alienate Hispanic and Black voters.

PLEASE keep catering to the Karens, Democrats. PLEASE.

It’ll force Hispanic and black voters to abandon the Dem party and render the Dem party completely irrelevant.

And if the Dems suddenly cease catering to the Karens, then that is great for the country.

It’s a win-win.

The coming “Second Great Awokening” not only threatens the fabric of America’s history and future, but also threatens to rip apart the Democratic Party coalition. Voters of all races who support public safety, economic opportunity and a dose of sanity in politics may find a home in the Republican Party. For many, such a choice will be natural. For others, it will be because the new Democratic Party simply left them behind.

The thing is, though, Republicans can’t just expect voters to leave the Democratic Party and automatically become Republican voters.

Republicans have to earn their vote, or at least attempt to earn their vote.

Never underestimate the staggering idiocy of the Republican Party. They will find a way to fuck this up somehow, I’m sure.

This is why I say we need to get all the stupid old boomers out the door. These clowns have 30+ year records of almost nonstop failure and cowardice. No more Mitch McConnells.

And that also means no more Trump. I know this will be controversial, but I am sick and tired of being governed by extremely old boomers. Trump is one of them. He’ll be 78 in 2024.

The median age in this country is 38 years old. We are ruled by people who are all in their 70s and 80s. They’re inherently out of touch with the country. It’s time for new blood.

So the Democrats are losing the support of black and Hispanic voters, and it’s because the party is in thrall to insane liberal Karens.

Karens are the reason everything has gone to shit in this country:

  • Karens are the ones who are most terrified of Covid and want mask and vaccine mandates.
  • Karens are the ones who hate Trump the most and fought the hardest to put Biden in office.
  • Karens are the ones who want to defund the police to show everyone how Not Racist they are.
  • Karens are the ones who worship Anthony Fauci.
  • Karens are the ones who are most easily persuaded and brainwashed by fake news and propaganda.
  • Karens are the ones who are most likely to behave tyrannically and try to tell everyone else how to live their lives.
  • Karens are the ones making their kids transgender so that they can be more like their favorite celebrities.
  • Karens are the ones who worship abortion and treat it as some sort of sick, demented sacrament.
  • Karens are the backbone of the Democratic Party.

Any problem you can think of in this country, Karens are probably the cause of it.

Black and Hispanic voters are ready to abandon the Democratic Party because the Democrats have become the Karen Party.

No one likes Karens. Even Karens hate other Karens, because it is in the nature of a Karen to be the nosiest, bossiest, most obnoxious busybody in town, and they hate competition. There can’t be two people telling everyone else what to do and how to live. If two Karens are at a party, they will butt heads because they will both try to become dictators over everyone else, and dictators hate competition.

The most welcome development would be a political realignment that pits the Karens against everyone else. Karens in the Democratic Party, everyone else in the Republican Party. That’s what we need.

One final point on the topic of minority voters abandoning the Democratic Party: if Hispanic voters do in fact start voting Republican in larger numbers (40-50% or even higher), watch how fast the Democrats turn on immigration and become the biggest border hawks you’ve ever seen.

If Hispanics stop voting Democrat, watch how fast the illegal immigrants get deported.

And watch how fast that fucking border wall goes up. It won’t just be a steel fence, either. It’ll be the greatest wall you’ve ever seen. It’ll look like this:

It will be massive and impenetrable.

It will take your breath away.

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