Amy Coney Barrett Asks Pro-Mandate Biden Lawyers: When, Exactly, Does The Covid-2019 Emergency End?

Finally, some clarity on this vitally important question:

Now, we all obviously know that the pandemic is currently in the process of ending right now. In other words, Covid-2019 is now getting to the point where it is no longer a serious threat. It has never been a serious threat, and it hasn’t merited even a tenth of our extreme reaction to it, but now it’s even less of a threat than it already was.

Covid-2019 is now the equivalent of a cold, or a flu at worst. It doesn’t matter if you test positive for it. It’s not a big deal at all. It’s nothing to freak out over. It is now no different from a cold.

However, we cannot trust that new reality of the greatly diminished virus will make our government ease up on its draconian Covid-2019 policies.

Why would they voluntarily give up the emergency powers they’ve enjoyed so much these past 2 years? They’re going to fight like hell to keep them, and so they’ll argue that Covid-2019 “remains a threat,” or that it “remains an emergency” or something like that for as long as they possibly can.

Do not underestimate these people. They went to war in Afghanistan for 20 fucking years. We officially pulled out of Iraq in 2011, but right now, today, we still have 2,500 troops in Iraq.

It is not as simple as “They’ll let us go back to normal when Covid-2019 stops being a threat.”

If that’s the way the majority of Americans are thinking, then the government’s goal is to keep Americans convinced Covid-2019 remains a massive and terrifying threat.

As long as they have millions of fear porn-consuming, double-masked idiots out there who believe everything they see on CNN and want the government to continue taking extreme measures against the virus, then the government will keep doing what it’s doing.

This is why we need the Supreme Court to put the federal government in its place and say, “No more.” This is what checks and balances were designed for–moments like this.

As far as I know, no jurisdiction on the planet–not just the US–has explicitly stated when or how the vaccine mandates will end or expire. Seriously: google it. Google “when do vaccine mandates expire.” You will not find an answer anywhere.

The vaccine mandates are awful in and of themselves. Don’t get me wrong here: the very idea of mandating an experimental vaccine (that shouldn’t even be allowed to be called a “vaccine” given that it doesn’t prevent infection) over a virus that isn’t a serious threat is unacceptable. But the worst part about the vaccine mandates is that they have not given us any sort of timeframe on them at all.

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