CDC Will Now Differentiate Between Deaths WITH Covid and Deaths FROM Covid

Almost two years in, of course:

Scott Greer absolutely nails it. This is pure politics.

They could’ve done this a long time ago, but they never did, because it did not serve their political interests to do so.

Up until now, they’ve wanted the death count to be as high as possible because in 2020, more deaths made Trump look bad. In 2021, they figured that more deaths would make more people scared and want the vaccines.

But now that the vaccines are out and are clearly not working as promised, the Democrats now need to downplay the severity of Covid-2019. Because they have no more answers.

Mounting Covid-2019 deaths no longer serve Democrats’ political interests, and so sanity is magically starting to prevail.


  1. PREDICTION: The end result of a recounting will show lower death “from COVID” numbers under (p)Resident* Dopey Gropey than under President Trump, and the numbers under President Trump will double.

    1. Almost guaranteed to happen I think. The treachery never ends.

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