New NYC Mayor Eric Adams to Approve Policy of Allowing “Non-Citizens” to Vote in Municipal Elections

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss:

They’re breaking the ice and preparing to have the conversation they’ve always wanted: illegals voting in federal elections nationwide. That’s the ultimate goal, this is a first step towards it.

Mayor Eric Adams said Saturday he supports a controversial bill to allow hundreds of thousands of non-citizens living in New York City to participate in local elections.

Adams said in a statement he has and will continue to support the measure despite initially having “some concerns.”

The City Council approved the “Our City, Our Vote” measure in December, despite concerns from more than a dozen lawmakers, former Mayor Bill de Blasio and some constitutional experts.

Wait a second. Even De Blasio had concerns over it? If De Blasio thinks something might be too radical, you have lost the plot.

The bill granted approximately 800,000 legal, non-citizen residents — such as green card holders and recipients of deferred action — the right to vote in municipal contests, but not state or federal elections.

This is how it starts. They’re starting with this, and then they’ll expand it. And it’ll be a sob story every time.

It’s an injustice that they can’t vote in state elections 😭😭”

It’s an injustice they can’t vote in federal elections. We need to secure voting rights for everyone 😢😭😢”

Just you wait. It’ll be based in language like that. I know this because it’s similar to the language Eric Adams used:

“I believe that New Yorkers should have a say in their government, which is why I have and will continue to support this important legislation,” Adams said in a statement Saturday.

Eventually it’ll go nationwide and the Democrats will try to ram it through Congress: they’re probably trying to do it right now, honestly. They’ve got some scheme cooked up about “voting rights” and they’re going to ram it through somehow.

Every step of the way, regular citizens will be emotionally manipulated into supporting it. This is how the Democrats sell all their policies. They have all the celebrities on their side, as well as the media, and having those two at your disposal is a great way to make it seem as if Everyone Agrees With Us, and you’re icky and weird if you don’t.

Most people are bandwagoners. They just want to be on the side that’s winning, or appears to be winning. They want to be part of the Cool Crowd. High school dynamics are still absolutely in play when it comes to politics.

The Democrats have done a great job at creating the impression that everyone is with them, that they’re mainstream, and that only freaks and conspiracy theorists and racists and nut jobs oppose them.

And the cherry on top is that this policy will never, ever be rolled back. You can’t do it. No politician has the courage to restrict voting rights, even if it’s the voting rights of non-citizens. No Republican will ever do it. You can count on that.

Voting “rights” only ever get expanded, and only to Democratic groups, too.

The only way this ever gets rolled back is if Hispanic voters start abandoning the Democratic Party, which is potentially in the process of happening.


Update: What did I tell you about these Democrats? They’re all the same.

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