CDC Director: People With 4+ Comorbidities Represent At Least 75% of Covid Deaths

We were called conspiracy theorists and virus deniers for the past 2 years for mentioning data like this:

The CDC director just said over 75% of “covid deaths” occurred in people with at least four comorbidities. Since Biden can’t shut down covid, suddenly all this data is getting shared publicly.

Democrats are panicked and trying to figure out how to shut down the covid fear porn they turned on to try and beat Trump in 2020. Given the covid case surge they’re aware they’re going to get crushed over covid in 2022 and scrambling to minimize the fear.

Originally tweeted by Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) on January 10, 2022.

My initial reaction is that every Covid-2019 restriction should be lifted instantly. No more masks, no more capacity limits, no more “remote learning” and certainly no more vax mandates.

Let healthy people be free. Do not punish them because other people are unhealthy.

Why the sudden reversal? Why are they now admitting what we’ve been saying all along: that most people who “die of Covid” also have multiple comorbidities, and that it’s exceedingly rare for an otherwise perfectly healthy person to die of Covid-2019.

Most Americans should have the green light to go back to living normally like they were in January 2020. Not a “new normal”— the old normal. The pre-Covid “normal.”

So the truth ultimately prevails—at least when telling the truth is in Democrats’ political interests.

Or maybe it’s because they’re laying the groundwork for something else:

She might be right on this. They could be gearing up to roll out the narrative, “Well it’s not the vaccines’ fault this person died of Covid-2019—the vaccines don’t cure obesity!”

Right now we currently have a massive spike in new cases, but not a corresponding spike in deaths:

Now, this could be because omicron is simply much milder than the previous forms of Covid-2019. We may not see any massive spike in deaths simply because omicron is way less deadly.

But on the other hand, given the sheer volume of new Covid-2019 cases, it could be inevitable that we see somewhat of a spike in deaths. Even a less deadly variant is still going to cause some deaths, right? And if that new variant infects tens of millions of people over a short period of time, even if the death rate is under 1%, that still translates into a decent amount of deaths.

The New York Times, purely coincidentally I’m sure, had an article about this yesterday:

The charts do show deaths spiking along with new cases in certain major cities in the midst of this omicron wave. Keep in mind these cities are the most vaccinated™ places in the country.

In New York City, Boston and Chicago — cities with some of the country’s earliest Omicron surges — deaths have followed cases at a slightly reduced scale than in previous peaks. But because of the extraordinarily high case count, even a proportionally lower death toll from the current case curve in the United States could be devastating.

In early-hit cities, hospitals are seeing more patients testing positive for Covid-19 than at any time last year. Because of the sheer infectiousness of the Omicron variant, many who arrive at the hospital for other ailments test positive for the coronavirus. Some doctors have also said that patients who do have Covid as a primary diagnosis are faring better than during previous waves.

This is what I was trying to say above: simply because of how many new cases there are, it’s inevitable that deaths will start spiking, even if the death rate of this new variant is lower.

And then we may well be at a point where, at least when looking at the number of new cases and deaths, this wave of Covid-2019 is actually worse than last winter’s wave, when no one was vaccinated.

How do you explain that away, then, if you’re a government official? You blame it on something else, of course.

So, maybe the Health Authorities™ are preparing to blame the possible imminent spike in deaths on people being unhealthy in order to deflect from the fact that the vaccines are not preventing deaths the way they were promised to do.

We’re still about 3 weeks away from deaths peaking, and that’s assuming new cases have peaked and are about to start falling. New cases may not have even peaked yet. It could be that the CDC is now trying to get out ahead of the looming spike in deaths.

Over the past few weeks, you get the unavoidable sense that the Democrats and the ruling Establishment are in retreat on their Covid-2019 policy, as well as their narrative. It feels like they’re throwing their hands up in despair and admitting–maybe not explicitly, but implicitly at least–that the past 2 years have been an utter and abject failure of government policy.

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