Forbes: 493 People Became Billionaires in the First Year of the Covid-2019 Pandemic

Forbes, a publication that exists mainly to glorify and worship billionaires, did not write this article as any sort of indictment or shocking expose:

This is from April 2021, too. I’m sure there are even more new Pandemic Billionaires now after nearly a year has passed.

205 new billionaires in China, 98 in the US.

All I’m saying here is that the Pandemic was very good for the people at the top.

How good, exactly, are we talking here?

About $5 trillion.

Meanwhile, normal people were locked down, laid off, masked, and forced to get injected with experimental gene therapy shots branded as “vaccines.”

For the overwhelming majority of people in the world, the past two years have been horrible and miserable.

But for the billionaire class, the past two years have been incredible.

What an incredible stroke of luck that the pandemic wound up working out so well for them! If I didn’t know any better, I’d almost think they planned it!

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