How Conformity Works

Says it all:

All it takes is one person to stand up. People will follow.

People will follow rules they despise if they see everyone else following those rules. A person will feel like he’s the only one who hates the rule, when in reality, pretty much everyone else secretly hates the rule.

This rule by social pressure is the norm for so many things in our society. What percentage of the country do you really believe thinks bathrooms should be gender neutral? A tiny minority at most–a rounding error. And yet we have gender neutral bathrooms because the vocal minority is loud and demanding, while the overwhelming majority is silent–or, rather, silenced into conformity. They believe they’ll be “canceled” if they voice opposition.

A tiny but vocal and demanding minority can control a lot of people through fear and the social shaming of nonconformists.

This works for a while.

But eventually the people realize there’s a lot more of them than there are of the rulers.

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