LA Times Columnist: When Unvaxxed Die, We Need to Celebrate

Michael Hiltzik is a terrible human being:

These are the caring, compassionate liberals we’re talking about. They’re all about health, safety and love–unless it’s people they disagree with politically.

Then they want you die a miserable and painful death.

The woman in the picture is Orange County Republican leader Kelly Ernby, who recently died of Covid-2019. She was unvaccinated.

The Vaccine™ pushers love when unvaccinated die of Covid-2019. They absolutely love it. There’s nothing more they love in this world right now. When they hear someone who was unvaccinated died of Covid-2019, they need a new pair of drawers.

We have no idea why Kelly Ernby died. The LA Times piece doesn’t say much about the circumstances of her death.

But the CDC is already making it clear that the vast majority of Covid-2019 deaths have 4+ comorbidities.

We also know that it is the standard policy of American hospitals to deny Covid-2019 patients early treatment options, and they are vehemently opposed to ivermectin.

All they do is stick you on a ventilator and wait for you to die.

So this is why I’m always skeptical of the media when they cream themselves over stories of unvaccinated people dying of Covid-2019. We’re never given the full story.

And we’re never told what treatments these unvaccinated people received at the hospital–if they were even treated at all.

One can’t help but wonder if unvaccinated Covid-2019 patients receive the same level of care and treatment in American hospitals as vaccinated people do given the glee with which the political and cultural establishment expresses when an unvaccinated person dies of Covid-2019. It’s reasonable to wonder.

Let’s get into this article, though.

It’s difficult to overstate just what a neanderthal this Michael Hitlzik is, but I’ll quote a bit from his article just to give you an idea:

Contrary to Ernby’s assertions, however, mandates do work. Requirements that people provide evidence of vaccination before attending public events or entering restaurants or bars have been associated with heightened vaccine rates abroad. Employer mandates in the U.S. have raised vaccination rates at workplaces, as United Airlines has shown.

Sure, but at the cost of your freedom.

And if you fire all unvaccinated employees in your company, then obviously your rate of vaccination is going to go up.

As for whether a vaccination mandate is a slippery slope to more government control, as Ernby maintained, government mandates have been with us for untold decades. We require drivers to wear seat belts, cars to be equipped with air bags and drivers to observe speed limits and avoid pedestrians. We ban smoking in public places.

Great. This has nothing to do with Covid-2019 vaccine mandates. Wearing a seatbelt is not the same thing as injecting yourself with an experimental gene therapy.

Vaccine mandates themselves have been part of the educational system for longer than anyone can remember in every state in the Union: California requires K-12 pupils to have as many as 20 doses of immunizations against polio, measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, diphtheria, hepatitis and chicken pox.

Okay, but those vaccines also–what’s the word I’m looking for here?–work. The Covid-2019 vaccine doesn’t work.

And that’s not just my opinion. That’s straight from the CEO of Pfizer:

And in a few months time, they’ll be saying that having 3 doses of the vaccine offers “very limited protection, if any.”

No other vaccine that has been mandated in the history of this country requires recipients to re-up every 6 months or so.

That’s the difference here.

Obviously, the mandates exist because these diseases threaten not only infected persons themselves, but the community, meaning anyone they come in contact with. That’s the folly of the anti-mandate argument: It places a perverse conception of individual “freedom” in opposition to the communal interest.

This is totally untrue. It is now an undeniable fact that the vaccines don’t prevent infection. No one is even claiming they do anymore–other than a few tragically misinformed Supreme Court justices, that is.

The only selling point on the vaccine nowadays is that it prevents severe illness and death.

So if you’ve been vaccinated, what does it matter if someone else around you isn’t vaccinated? The vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread of Covid-2019.

In this case, the seatbelt analogy is actually fitting: if you’re in a car with someone and they don’t wear their seatbelt, that doesn’t make you more likely to die as long as you’re wearing your seatbelt. It only makes them more likely to die.

As it applies to COVID, the argument undermines communal action at precisely the moment when communal action has emerged as the only obstacle to the spread of a deadly disease.

And now we reach the point where we’ve run into a brick wall. We are no longer arguing facts, we’re arguing against faith.

The fundamental split on Covid-2019 ultimately boils down to faith: do you have faith that government action will stop this virus, or not?

The terrible human being who wrote that article in the LA Times believes that stopping Covid-2019 is simply a matter of wanting to stop Covid-2019: if we all listen to the Government Experts, then the virus will be stopped in its tracks.

The fact that the virus is still spreading is, to them, simply evidence that we are not being obedient enough.

To them, there is always a government solution to everything–all we have to do is empower the government to enact the solution.

Their worldview in which government is omnipotent cannot conceive of any situation or problem that the government is incapable of providing the solution for.

They believe stopping Covid-2019 is a simple choice: do we want to stop it, or do we want it to spread? If we want to stop it, then we can stop it, they believe.

And nothing will convince them otherwise. All the government’s failed efforts to stop Covid-2019–lockdowns, mask mandates, vax mandates, etc–don’t disabuse these people of the idea that the government has all the answers.

The government worshippers’ only takeaway from those policy failures was that People Weren’t Trusting The Experts.

It wasn’t that the policies were futile; it’s that we weren’t obedient enough!

Freddie de Boer summed it up beautifully:

I ask that you consider this possibility: that aside from the vaccines and gradual improvements to treatment, there was never anything much we could have done to change the course of the pandemic. I ask you to consider the possibility that from the beginning, the only solutions were solutions brought to us by medical technology. 

I look at all of these people, shaking with anger at the unseriousness of their countrymen and incensed that we didn’t stop it, and I wonder how they could possibly be so confident that we ever had a chance to do so. It’s a highly infectious respiratory virus and we live in an unprecedentedly interconnected world, guys. It grew to epidemic proportions before it even took firm hold in the United States.

Many have said, for decades, that the way the world has shrunk thanks to transportation technology and looser borders makes pandemics of this size inevitable. It is entirely possible that all of our mitigation efforts, aside from vaccination and treatment, have just been a way to look busy, that the universe decided that a terrible disease was going to sweep through the world and kill millions of people. It’s entirely possible that you get vaccinated and hope for the best and that’s it. It’s out of our hands.

Have you considered the fact that sometimes the world is simply out of your control?

No, the government worshippers have not. They believe the government can solve everything. And when it can’t, it’s not proof that their faith in government was misplaced; it’s proof that we, the citizens, failed the government.

It’s our fault. It’s not their fault for falsely believing the government has the solution to everything when in reality it doesn’t.

And so this is why celebrating the death of the unvaccinated is evil and ghoulish behavior: because these government-worshippers don’t actually care about health and safety.

They only care about conformity.

Do they celebrate when a vaccinated™ person dies of Covid-2019? No, of course not.

But it happens. It absolutely does happen. Vaccinated™ people die of Covid-2019.

The difference, in the eyes of the government-worshippers, is that vaccinated people who die of Covid-2019 were at least trying to be Good & Obedient Citizens. It wasn’t the vaccinated person’s “fault” he died of Covid-2019.

The reality is, and has always been, that there has never been a “Door #3” regarding Covid-2019. The government worshippers believe our options with Covid-2019 are as follows:

  1. Accept the fact that virus gonna virus, do basically nothing and hope for the best.
  2. Half-ass a “do something strategy” to, as De Boer put it, “look busy,” but ultimately not really accomplish much, while also suffering lots of collateral damage (mainly economically).
  3. Fully buy-in to the government’s anti-Covid policies, “we’re all in this together” mentality, strictly obey everything the Experts say, and we will be able to beat the virus. All negative outcomes are thereby a result of failure to obey and “do your part.”

The government-worshippers have hitched their wagons to #3, but unfortunately for them is that it has never actually been an option in real life. It’s only an option in their fantasy world where the government is all powerful.

The only real options–since the start–have been #1 and #2. We’ve been following strategy #2 for nearly 2 years now, but now it seems as if we’re shifting to strategy #1.

“Stopping the virus” was never an option.

Virus is gonna virus no matter what the government does.

The only thing we can do ourselves is to eat healthy, be healthy, exercise, and get adequate Vitamin D. That’s it. That’s the best protection you can give yourself against Covid-2019.

If the government worshippers want to mock and ridicule people over not “doing their part” against Covid-19, they should be mocking and ridiculing the obese.

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