Bloomberg: EU Regulators Warn Repeated Booster Shots Could Pose Immune System Risks

The Covid Narrative is currently in the process of imploding under its own weight:

No shit it’s not feasible to expect people to get “boosted” every 4 months.

What they’re basically recommending now is annual flu shots, but for Covid-2019.

The advice comes as some countries consider the possibility of offering people second booster shots in a bid to provide further protection against surging omicron infections. Earlier this month Israel became the first nation to start administering a second booster, or fourth shot, to those over 60. The U.K. has said that boosters are providing good levels of protection and there is no need for a second booster shot at the moment, but will review data as it evolves.

Why on earth would the UK believe it’ll be fine with three shots when Israel is already moving on to shot #4? They know the booster is going to wane and eventually become ineffective.

Boosters “can be done once, or maybe twice, but it’s not something that we can think should be repeated constantly,” Marco Cavaleri, the EMA head of biological health threats and vaccines strategy, said at a press briefing on Tuesday. “We need to think about how we can transition from the current pandemic setting to a more endemic setting.”

I’m just glad they’re starting to realize the infeasibility of their whole approach. Finally, after 2 years.

This is actually great news, though. It shows that sanity—or something at least resembling sanity—can actually prevail.

It’s a big deal that they’re signaling they’re about to rule out the idea of perpetual boosters for life.

It means people can stop worrying about constantly having to re-up on their Covid shots every few months.

The next step is to get rid of the vaccine passports, but that’ll take some time.

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