FBI Evasive in Response to Ted Cruz’s Questioning About Role in January 6 Capitol Incident

I am assuming if the answers to Ted Cruz’s questions were “no” then she would have answered “no”:

I mean, right? If the answer was no, she would have said no.

I don’t often talk about the J6 Incident because I think it’s largely a fake sideshow, but now we’re getting closer to that being confirmed.

Look, it’s quite simple: in order to draw attention away from the… let’s just say “disputed” 2020 election, the Deep State staged a phony “insurrection” to make it look like the Trump supporters were the true Threats To Democracy.

J6 was how they flipped the script.

The larger takeaway here, though, is that we need to fully process and understand what we’re seeing.

Whether you support or like Ted Cruz or not, he is an elected official. The constitution vests the power in him, and his peers in the Senate. It does not vest the power in some unelected Karen at the FBI. The constitution says the FBI answers to the Senate.

Who do you think had more power in that exchange? Ted Cruz or the FBI’s Sanborn?

Obviously Sanborn did. She didn’t have to answer any of his questions. She completely shut him down. She was basically saying to him, “I don’t have to answer to you, pal.”

If she doesn’t have to answer to a US Senator, then how on earth do the American people hold her and people like her accountable?

Congress conducts oversight on the federal bureaucracy, at least it’s supposed to. But from what you’ve seen, does it seem like Congress is actually able to hold the federal bureaucracy accountable, for anything?

All Ted Cruz can do here is make her look like an evasive, scheming deep stater in front of the nation on live television. But guess what: it doesn’t matter. We can’t vote her out. What the public thinks of her doesn’t matter a lick.

She can stonewall Congress all she wants and with total impunity.

The federal bureaucracy simply refuses to be overseen and held accountable. We see it with Fauci and his frequent battles with Rand Paul: Fauci the bureaucrat is more powerful than Rand Paul the Senator. Rand Paul can only pound his fists on the table and excoriate Fauci—he can’t make Fauci tell the truth or hold Fauci’s feet to the fire in any way.

This is a very serious problem.

Why is the FBI allowed to tell a US Senator to basically go pound sand? How is there any information that the FBI can keep from an elected federal official?

Does that seem right to you? That Ted Cruz—or any Senator—is not allowed to know whether or not the FBI was involved with the J6 incident?

Or that Rand Paul is not allowed to know whether or not the NIH played a role in creating the Covid-19 virus, as well as the subsequent lab leak that unleashed it on the whole world?

How is Fauci allowed to hide that information from the Senate?

The government should not work this way. Senators and Representatives should be above the bureaucrats.

Right now, the bureaucrats view themselves as more powerful than Congress. Undeniably. How else do you explain what we saw in this exchange?

You literally had someone from the FBI telling a US Senator point blank that the FBI answers to no one.

How are we okay with this? This is absolutely outrageous.

No part of the federal bureaucracy should be able to keep secrets from Congress. It is a perversion of the fundamental principle of American government, which says that first and foremost, the people are in control.

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