CNBC: Omicron-Specific Vaccine Likely in March, But It Might Not Even Matter Because “Everyone’s Going to be Infected”

Thank you, Captain Obvious:

Too late. Pfizer is already making it. There’s too much money on the line. They’re going to get millions of these shots in people’s arms no matter what.

You think they’re just going to give up and say, “Welp, that’s it folks. No need for this vaccine we just spent a bunch of money on! Guess we’ll just toss it in the trash!”

Not a chance. They will keep pushing these jabs on people until—honestly I have no idea what will make them stop pushing these vaccines. Probably nothing.

Obviously it’s idiotic for them to keep pushing them. But it’s also highly profitable as long as there’s a bunch of brainwashed idiots out there terrified of Covid and willing to put an unlimited number of shots in their arms if it means they’re “safe” from the deadly and terrifying COVID-19.

And Pfizer also has government lackeys like Fauci and Biden screaming at people on a daily basis to get these “vaccines.” Hell, if they have their way, the shots will be mandatory for everyone.

You think these bastards are going to allow the fact that everyone’s already had Covid to stop them from pushing these shots?

What in their history has convinced you that they will ever, even one time, make a decision based on rational thought, actual science, or the genuine public interest?

The chances of that happening are the same as the chances of a Vaccine™️ immunizing you against Covid-2019: zero.

The vaccine companies understand it’s idiotic and unnecessary to keep pushing these shots on people, but as long as people keep taking them and governments keep buying them, why would they stop?

In a few months, there will be another variant of Covid-2019 that becomes the dominant strain, and it will render all these omicron-centered vaccines obsolete. The vaccinemakers will always be playing catch-up. It’s an exercise in futility.

But it’s lucrative. So they’ll never stop.

The only way this ends is if/when the Supreme Court strikes down the Biden vax mandate (hopefully Thursday) and people simply stop getting the shots.

If people are free to refuse the shot, eventually enough people will get sick of getting injected every 4 months and vaccine uptake will dry up to the point where it simply won’t be profitable to keep pumping them out—nobody’s taking them. Big Pharma will have to find another scam.

Hell, even if the Supreme Court allows the OSHA vax mandate to survive, it still won’t mean people will accept the booster shots indefinitely.

No matter how you slice it, at some point people will simply get sick of having to continually get injected over and over and over and over and over. They’ll just stop.

Plus, Europe is already apparently moving in the direction that people should not be getting any more than 3, maybe 4 shots at the most. It’s terrible for your immune system and it’s simply not feasible.

There is no way this vaccine™️ program works out long term—not the way it’s currently being carried out. The only way it works out long term is if they treat it like an annual flu shot. That’s it.

And it will have to be optional. The milder Covid becomes the more obviously irrational it will be to mandate these shots. It will never work long term.

But, again, don’t expect that to stop these bastards from trying.

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