Covid-19 Fearmongering is Old News: CDC Director Walensky Touts New Study Showing Omicron Death Risk 91% Lower Than Delta Variant

All the morons still freaking out over Covid-19 are being left in the dust. Covid-19 fearmongering is so 2021:

I wonder how the Expert Trusters™ will receive this news. My operating assumption is that most of them aren’t really “Expert Trusters,” they’re just people who want to freak out and panic over something.

I have a feeling they’re going to be quite upset that the government is now telling them to quit freaking out about Covid-2019.

The tide is turning. Sanity (or at least something resembling it) is beginning to prevail.

Sure, it’s only because the Democrats are reacting to horrible polling data. But I’ll take it.

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