Quinnipiac, a Democrat Polling Firm, Finds Biden’s Overall Approval Rating at 33%. Among Hispanics, It’s 28%

This poll is definitely an outlier, but then again it also comes from a poll traditionally viewed as being Democrat-leaning:

There are some very shocking results in here–results which are quite honestly unprecedented in American history.

  • First off, 33% is getting close to rock bottom. There will always be at least 25-30% of the country that will blindly and loyally support a president no matter what–hardcore partisans. Even during the Financial Crisis of 2008 and when public opposition to the Iraq War was at its peak, George W. Bush was in the high 20s/low 30s for his approval rating. It can’t really get much lower than this. 25% is probably the absolute bottom, and 75% is probably the absolute peak–although Bush was in the 90s following 9-11. But this was an obviously unusual situation.
  • Biden is only at 26% support among men, 61% disapproval. Could we be getting closer to a day in which it’s the white liberal Karens against everyone else? I certainly hope so.
  • Non-college whites: 24% approval, 62% disapproval.
  • Democrats are usually most popular with the young generations, but in this poll, people aged 18-34 hate Biden the most: 24% approval to 52% disapproval. 35-49 year olds are 30/58; 50-64 year olds are 40/51, and he’s most popular with old people, although still underwater: 43/50.
  • White men: 25% approval, 64% disapproval.
  • White women: 38% approval, 51% disapproval. Biden is even losing support among the Karens???
  • Hispanic voters: 28% approval, 51% disapproval. Wow.
  • Black voters: 57% approval, 27% disapproval. This is insanely low for a Democrat. If any Democrat gets just 57% of the black vote in an election, it’s over. Even 67% of the black vote–forget it. Hell, even 77% of the black vote is terrible for a Democrat.
  • It’s pretty wild that Biden only has 75% support among Democrats. That number is supposed to be in the mid-high 90s. Just look at the Republican figure: 2% approval, 95% disapproval. Unanimous opposition from Republicans. Trump routinely pulled in 90-95% approval among Republican voters. Biden only has the support of 3 out of every 4 Democrats out there. That is incredible.

Again, this poll is a pretty serious outlier so take the results with a grain of salt. But still–even if everything in it is off by 10%, it’s still horrendously bad for Biden.

One more little tidbit I want to add: how come it seems like the majority of “Republicans” that appear on corporate media TV shows are part of the 2% of Republicans that support Joe Biden?

Remember this poll figure next time you see some alleged “Republican” on TV voicing support for Biden.

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