🐐 Dem. Senator Kyrsten Sinema Will NOT Support Abolishing Filibuster to Ram Through Dem Voting Reform Bill

Hats off to her:

This is a big win for the good guys.

Now obviously the Dems were able to pull out the 2020 election without this massive election reform bill, so it’s not as if the defeat of this bill deals a mortal blow to the Democrat Machine. They still have plenty of ways to cheat in elections–like they’ve been doing in every election going back decades.

But this bill, if passed, would have basically eliminated all hope for a Republican to ever win a National election again. At least now, there’s still a glimmer of hope. And that’s thanks to Kyrsten Sinema.

The reality is, Biden is simply too toxic for a senator in a purple swing state to really be associated with.

Mr. 33% does not have any political clout at all these days. There are no consequences for running afoul of the White House. In fact it’s probably to your benefit if you’re a Senator and you’re publicly seen rebuking the White House.

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