270 Doctors™️ Sign Petition Asking to Speak to Joe Rogan’s Manager

This is how the Establishment rolls in this country. Censorship and suppression:

This is what happens when people stop watching cable news and start watching Joe Rogan. The Establishment is losing its monopoly on the flow of information.

All they can do now is demand those who threaten them be gagged.

A group of 270 scientists, professors, doctors and healthcare workers wrote an open letter to Spotifyrecently expressing concern about “false and societally harmful assertions” on its most popular program, The Joe Rogan Experience. The letter, which Rolling Stone first reported on, asks the music streamer to “establish a clear and public policy to moderate misinformation on its platform.”

The doctors’ group takes issue with what it calls Rogan’s penchant for “broadcasting misinformation, particularly regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Oh, right. And the government/ corporate media complex has been such a reliable source of information these past 2 years. “15 days to slow the spread,” “Ivermectin is horse paste,” “the vaccine will prevent you from getting Covid-19.”

I can think of no bigger source of misinformation these days than the Scientific™️ Establishment.

The problem they have is that Joe Rogan makes it much more difficult to spread their Official Misinformation unchecked.

Specifically, the group calls out “a highly controversial episode featuring guest Dr. Robert Malone (#1757). The episode has been criticized for promoting baseless conspiracy theories,” according to the letter. It goes on to note that Dr. Malone was suspended from Twitter for “for spreading misinformation about COVID-19,” and says he used his time on Rogan’s podcast to promote “an unfounded theory that societal leaders have ‘hypnotized’ the public.”

What horrible people these “scientists” are.

How can you even call them scientists when they’re trying to muzzle debate and discussion—by other scientists!

Open debate and intellectual diversity are the key features of Actual Science.

But apparently in the new Communist America where virtually every major institution is fake, corrupt, and politicized (and also gay), Science™️ is all about conformity.

These are not scientists. They are a catty clique of communists and hyperconformists colluding to obliterate any hint of dissent from the “scientific community.”

It’s funny they call Malone’s assertions about mass psychosis an “unfounded theory”.

The attempt to silence Joe Rogan and Robert Malone is all about ensuring that “societal leaders” can continue hypnotizing the American public unabated.

Look, the fact that the Establishment is now trying to silence Joe Rogan isn’t surprising. I’m actually surprised it took this long. This is just where we are as a country today.

But this is a sign of panic and desperation at the end of the day.


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