The Karens Hate Free Speech

It is becoming increasingly clear that most—if not all—of the troublesome developments in this country on both the social and political fronts can be traced back to the rise of KARENISM, and its takeover of the Democratic Party.

Who hates free speech? KARENS:

Who are the corporate HR Nazis? Karens.

Who are the ones that worship Anthony Fauci the most? Karens.

Who are the most likely to scold you in the supermarket for allowing your mask to slip below your nose? Karens.

Who was the voting group most determined to get rid of Trump because of his tweeting, and because they simply despised him on a personal level? Karens.

Who are the ones encouraging their kids to be trans or “non-binary”? Karens that want to be like their favorite celebrities.

We are now living in a Karenocracy in this country.

It is a welcome development that, according to the most recent polls, minority voters are bailing on the Democratic Party. We need to get everyone in the country electorally aligned against the white liberals. We need to get to the point where the Democratic Party consists only of Karens, soyboys and only the most radical racial activists.

In other words, all sane people in the GOP, all the crazies in the Dem Party.

We’ve got to get it to the point where it’s basically the Karens against everyone else in our elections.

This is the poster child of the Karen Party. This is the Democratic Party’s base.

It’s actually imperative that this happens because we can now see that Karens are the greatest threat to free speech in this country.

Now if only elected Republicans could actually realize the golden opportunity in front of them right now and not screw it up for once in their lives.

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