Biden: It’s About “Who Counts the Vote”

What is he even trying to say? What is the charitable interpretation of these remarks?

It’s a generally incoherent statement from Biden, but that’s nothing new.

What does he mean about “who counts the vote”? Is he saying what I think he’s saying?

There’s an old quote attributed to Stalin where he says something similar:

Now, fact checkers are vehemently arguing that Stalin never said this, and that the quote is apocryphal, but the point stands. Whoever coined this idea was on to something.

It matters a great deal who is counting the votes. To say otherwise you’d have to either be lying or extremely naïve.

Biden may have inadvertently (or advertently) let the mask slip.

I’m sure the corporate media will try to clean up Biden’s mess here and insist he was only saying that We Need To Ensure Every Vote Is Counted, and this is at least somewhat plausible because Democrats say this all the time, especially when they’re behind in an election.

When they say “keep counting the votes” what they really mean is that party operatives need to hastily fill out ballots behind closed doors, and wheel in boxes of ballots in the dead of night, and count those “votes” until the Democrat pulls ahead.

Thank God this plan to federalize our presidential elections isn’t going to happen.

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