Rasmussen Poll: 48% of Democrats Support Imprisoning or Fining People Who Question Vaccine™ Efficacy

The more obvious it is the vaccine is a failure, the more psychotic and tyrannical its supporters have become:

These people are insane. In-sane.

These beliefs are so detached from reality the only real conclusion we can draw here is that the real virus is the media, which is undoubtedly responsible for filling peoples’ heads with all these lies about Covid-19.

Half of Democrats hold views about Covid-19 that are undeniably totalitarian.

This has to be the white liberal Karen faction of the Democratic Party.

It’s definitely not black and brown people; BLM are the ones protesting the vax mandates in NYC.

It is the white liberal Karens who have become psychotically insane over Covid-19:

The best part of this is, these are the same people who will turn around and say, without a hint of irony, that Trump represents the rise of fascism in America.

“Republicans are going to end democracy!” They shriek in the pages of the Atlantic.

Since about 2018, it has been pretty obvious that radical leftists were only a few years away from calling for concentration camps for all their political enemies.

Covid-19 is apparently what tipped them over the edge and turned them into full-blown fascists.

Covid-19 was what activated their sleeper agent programming. Brainwashed into becoming hateful, intolerant fascists for the past 20-30 years, Covid-19 was the activation signal that gave them the green light to turn into full blown fascists.

And they still think they’re the good guys.


The more I think about this, probably the most level-headed and reasonable explanation for this poll’s results is simply that a large percentage of the population should be expected to go more or less insane anytime there’s a viral pandemic. And so it shouldn’t really be all that surprising that people are willing to go to shocking lengths to stay alive during a pandemic.

They are gripped by fear, panic and hysteria, and people who are gripped by fear, panic and hysteria do not behave rationally. When the survival instinct kicks in, people become animalistic and impulsive.

But why are people like this with Covid-19, which by any objective measure is not some horrifying and extremely deadly disease? 75% of the deaths are in people with 4+ comorbidities. The survival rate for people under 70 is over 99%.

Well, the problem is that a large number of people in this country have a warped perception of reality because they spend most of their free time Watching TV. They believe the news is real life. Or they believe social media is real life.

Imagine if your life consisted of going to work, and then coming home and watching the news all night. If you watched CNN or MSNBC every night, you’d probably be insane, too.

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