Despite Supreme Court Ruling, Corporations Still Mandating Covid Vaccine™

Carhartt, the outdoor clothing maker, is still requiring its employees to get the “vaccine” which isn’t really a vaccine:

After the Supreme Court ruling, Biden publicly said that corporations should still continue mandating the vaccine for employees.

So they are.

Many of these corporations—but not all of them—genuinely want to mandate the vax. The OSHA mandate was simply their excuse to do so and act like it wasn’t their decision.

Now that the OSHA mandate no longer exists, they’re mandating the vax anyway because…. Well because most large corporations out there are insanely cucked and leftwing and woke and finook.

I don’t know what else to say. Most corporations suck. They’re woke and finook.

They do have the right to do this because they’re pRiVaTe bUsInEsSeS. But why would they actually want to do this even if not forced? I can only speculate, but I do have a few ideas:

  1. Liability: They feel like they want to cover their asses and maintain the illusion of a “safe workplace.” Brainwashed idiots feel unsafe around unvaxed people, and the brainwashed idiot libs are the ones most likely to complain and flip a bitch over unvaxed employees. So the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  2. Appeasement of woke HR departments: Corporate decisions are made by people, and if those people are all woke pussies, the decisions these corporations make will reflect that.

These corporations clearly don’t care how much harm they’ll inflict on themselves by imposing vax mandates. They know they’ll lose employees. They even know they’ll lose business.

Carhartt, for example, has a predominantly Republican base–lots of blue collar workers and hunters and conservative people in general. Many of these previously loyal customers will boycott Carhartt products over the vaccine mandate. It’s going to happen. Carhartt will notice this in their bottom line.

But they don’t care. Maybe they’re being blackmailed by the government or something. Most large corporations are heavily reliant on the government—they do a lot of lobbying for favorable rules and regulations, stuff of that nature. Maybe they just don’t want to be on the government’s bad side. I don’t know.

Whatever the reason, the corporations have made their decisions. At least many of them have.

I believe in the long term, though, the vaccine mandate will collapse under its own weight and prove to be completely unworkable.

Europe is already in the process of admitting it’s completely infeasible to make people get shots every 4-6 months.

But even if the shots worked (which they don’t) you’re just never going to be able to get people to comply with these mandates indefinitely. As I keep saying, vaccine uptake will decline with each subsequent round of shots. It’s unavoidable and inevitable. It’s human nature. You cannot expect hundreds of millions of people to reliably get a shot every 4-6 months. It simply won’t happen.

I mean think about it: let’s say that today they fire all the currently unvaccinated employees. Then, in a few months, when the definition of “unvaccinated” is changed to mean people who haven’t received the booster shot, they’ll have to fire all the people who didn’t get the booster shot. And then, 4-6 months after that, when the definition of “unvaccinated” changes yet again to mean people who haven’t gotten their 4th shot, they’ll have to fire even more people.

This cycle will just keep repeating until eventually only the handful of working-age people who have gotten their 9th shot are eligible for employment at these vaccine-mandating corporations.

And that’s if they’re even alive at that point: their immune systems will likely be destroyed due to over-reliance on the shots.

Because researchers are also finding the vaccines are starting to show negative efficacy—in other words, they weaken your immune system and make it more likely that you are infected with Covid-19.

Eventually the data will be too much to deny that it’s extremely counterproductive to keep “boosting” people.

Plus, eventually this virus is going to go endemic. Omicron is already extremely mild. It’s going to get even milder over time until it’s basically no different from the flu or the common cold.

At that point, it will be completely unjustifiable to expect everyone get vaccinated for Covid-19, even if it’s only a yearly shot. People will correctly argue that they were never required to get flu shots to keep their jobs, so why should they be required to get annual shots for a virus no different from the seasonal flu?

The milder Covid-19 gets, the more indefensible mandatory vaccination programs for Covid-19 become.

Any way you slice it, a mandatory Covid-19 vaccination program is unworkable over the longterm. It will not work. It cannot work. It will inevitably collapse under its own weight.

But in the meantime, what is to be done about all the corporate vaccine mandates that are currently in place? What are people supposed to do between now and the point where the vaccine mandates collapse under their own weight?

To me, there are four options:

  1. Get the vaccine. You would be capitulating. You would be sacrificing your values, you would be submitting yourself to the endless cycle of Covid-19 shots. But you would be able to keep your job.
  2. Get a fake vaccine card. I cannot recommend this because I’m pretty sure it’s illegal. But obviously people are going to do it.
  3. Refuse to get the vaccine shot and get fired. Do not quit your job. Make them fire you. That way you leave yourself the option of potentially suing your employer down the road. I’m sure there will be big class action lawsuits over this in the future.
  4. Unionize. This, to me, is the only real way we can fight back against corporate vaccine mandates.

Obviously unionizing would be difficult. It would require people to organize and put themselves out there in front of their coworkers who may not agree with them.

But I am sure there are plenty of people out there who would be willing to unionize over the vaccine mandates.

Historically, unions are the only way workers can fight back against tyrannical corporations. Workers simply have to realize the strength in their numbers and use it to their advantage.

You get all the unvaccinated employees on-board first, and then you appeal to the persuadable vaccinated employees by pointing out to them that this is never going to end. Ultimately, no one will ever be fully vaccinated because they keep rolling out new booster shots every few months.

I think the majority of vaccinated people are persuadable, honestly. I don’t think the majority of vaccinated people are insane Twitter libtards who support putting unvaccinated people in camps.

I think they’re just uninformed and gullible people who don’t know any better. They know there’s a virus going around, they heard there was a vaccine so they got it, figuring it was the same thing as any of the dozens of other vaccines they got throughout their lives.

But many of these people are starting to feel like they were scammed by these vaccines. They were promised that they’d be allowed to go back to normal after they got their 2 shots, but now this is clearly not the case. And many of them are pissed. They know they were lied to.

74% of American adults are fully vaccinated according to the New York Times. But this does not mean most Americans support vaccine mandates.

According to Rasmussen, Americans are basically split 50-50 over the OSHA vaccine-or-test mandate. When people call for the unvaccinated to be fired, this is not a majority view. And the question the pollsters asked was not worded in a way that made it clear unvaccinated people would be fired, either. I’m sure if you polled people and asked them, “Do you believe Americans should be fired for being unvaccinated?” even more people would respond that they’re opposed.

In fact, Rasmussen conducted a poll in November that found 52% of Americans support workers resisting the vaccine mandates, while only 38% said unvaccinated workers should not oppose the mandates. 10% said they weren’t sure.

Also according to the Rasmussen poll, only 34% of Americans support a policy that would fine people for being unvaccinated.

The more extreme the policy against unvaccinated, the less public support it has, was essentially the gist of the Rasmussen polling.

The point here is, a large number of Americans may be vaccinated, but that doesn’t mean they like the vaccine mandates. Most Americans are reasonable people and they can clearly see that it’s lunacy to fire working-age people for not getting vaccinated™ over a virus that poses virtually no threat to them.

I think a Medical Freedom Union (or whatever you’d call it) would actually be quite popular in this country. I think a lot of people would join it, and not just unvaccinated people. I think even a lot of vaccinated people would react favorably to the idea of banding together against forced vaccinations.

Now, that said, forming a union is easier said than done. The government and the big corporations have really done a number on unions over the past 50-60 years, rolling back tons of their power and leverage. Most companies are viciously opposed to employees unionizing, and sometimes even preemptively fire employees in mass numbers if there’s even talk among the ranks of unionizing.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. At the end of the day, there are a lot more employees than there are boardroom bigwigs. If employees organize into a union, they have a tremendous amount of leverage over their employers.

The ideal response to the vax mandates would be mass unionization. Is it realistic? No, not really. I don’t think it is.

But unions in this country need to make a comeback in general, and maybe this could be the spark.

At the end of the day, the vaccine mandates are unworkable over the longterm. They are going to collapse under their own weight. It is an inevitability; a certainty.

But until that happens, people have very limited options.

Maybe getting fired over the vaccine mandates will prove to be a blessing for many people. Maybe it will enable people to relocate to a Free State like Texas or Florida, where they’re not requiring people to Vax Up™ or starve. There are states in this country where vaccine mandates have been outlawed. Tennessee, Utah and Iowa have also outlawed employer vaccine mandates. I think Montana as well.

Honestly, if you live in a blue state where corporations are still allowed to mandate the vax, you should probably leave anyway. Blue states are dying. I live in Illinois and I am leaving in a few months, probably never to return again.

The point is, it’s not a hopeless situation. The beauty of America is that we have federalism, and states have a large degree of autonomy over their own laws and policies. Each state has different laws, so if you don’t like the laws in one state, you can leave and move to a state with more favorable laws.

Obviously moving is onerous and miserable, but think of it as short term pain in exchange for long term satisfaction.

We are living in very tumultuous times right now. Everything in this country is in the process of being upended. People are changing careers, moving cross country–this is an era of great change.

It’s painful in the moment, I don’t deny that. But I have faith that over the long-term, it will yield positive results.

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