America, 2022: a Complete and Total Disaster

Tucker Carlson last night ran a great segment on one of the biggest problems facing urban America today: homelessness.

In Los Angeles, a homeless vagrant criminal stabbed a 24-year-old grad student named Brianna Kupfer to death on January 13. Kupfer was working at a furniture store, and Shawn Laval walked in, murdered her and then simply left. It wasn’t a robbery. He didn’t take anything from the store. It was just a random act of violence. And it happened because the Los Angeles County DA, the Soros puppet George Gascon, has simply chosen to allow the city to fall into chaos.

In New York City this past Saturday, 40-year-old Michelle Go was tragically murdered by a crazed homeless man who shoved her onto the subway tracks in front of a train. It was another random act of violence, and it happened because DEMOCRATS refuse to police the streets and maintain order. Democrats are now pro-crime.

To call the murders of these two women tragedies does not even begin to capture it. Their murders were quite simply unacceptable, and any self-respecting society would not only lock up the killers and throw away the key, but find the politicians who enabled the murders and literally run them out of town on a rail.

Tucker does a great job of explaining how Democrats are to blame for all of this. They have simply allowed it all to happen.

They want it to happen. The Democrats are in favor of crime. They prefer crime to order.

But the thing is, there’s more to the “Decline of Western Civilization” than just the homelessness crisis. There are so many things wrong with this country it’s overwhelming. So I decided that I would sit down and really try to think of all of them and list them–or at least as many as I could. I’m sure there are things I’m forgetting.

Here is my list of all the things that are wrong with America in 2022:

  • Illogical and tyrannical vaccine & mask mandates
  • Covid-19, which our government created in Wuhan
  • Illegal immigration crisis
  • Surging crime in many major cities
  • Rampant homelessness in those same cities
  • Spiking inflation
  • Empty shelves in many supermarkets
  • Sky-high obesity
  • Seed oils poisoning most of the food on the shelves
  • 1 out of every 5 Americans on psychiatric drugs
  • Record-low birthrates
  • Feminism convincing women to “focus on their careers” and forgo motherhood, a decision most of these women will tragically regret by the time they hit their mid/late 30s and can no longer have kids.
  • OnlyFans, Instagram and TikTok have turned many young women into E-Thots and even literal whores. They are going to regret this when they are unmarried, unwanted and alone in their 30s.
  • We literally have men competing in women’s sports. What the fuck kind of country allows that?
  • Divorce rate of 39%, which is actually lower than the prior 50% rate, but still very high.
  • Prevalence of autism has gone from 1 in 10,000 in the 1970s to 1 in 54 in 2020.
  • Corrupt and fraudulent elections
  • Massive income inequality
  • Wall Street is essentially a gigantic parasite on not only the nation but the world, sucking up all the money while creating literally nothing of value for anyone other than themselves
  • A president with dementia
  • A broken healthcare system
  • An opioid crisis killing tens of thousands per year
  • A woke military
  • Wokeness in general
  • Unaffordable houses
  • Unaffordable college tuition
  • Massive amounts of student loan debt
  • Universities have become leftwing indoctrination centers
  • Broken public schooling system
  • Children being taught racist 1619 Project-based curriculum in over 4,500 schools
  • A completely untrustworthy media
  • A dying entertainment industry
  • The music industry is shallow, formulaic and corporatized
  • Deteriorating race relations caused by the media + Hollywood
  • Massive race riots in 2020
  • $30 trillion of federal government debt
  • Social Security will be insolvent in a decade
  • Over $200 trillion of unfunded government liabilities over the longterm
  • Near-record levels of household consumer debt.
  • A completely broken welfare system
  • Massively powerful and monopolistic corporations
  • A corrupt and cronyist government
  • An out-of-control CIA
  • In fact, basically the entire federal bureaucracy is out of control and completely unaccountable
  • An FBI that cares only about covering up the crimes of prominent Democrats and terrorizing domestic political dissidents.
  • Fairly regular mass shootings
  • Pedophiles and sex predators in positions of power

America in 2022 is a complete fucking disaster. Everything is fucked up.

It reminds me of the movie “Definitely, Maybe” a romcom from 2008 starting Ryan Reynolds. One of the side characters in the movie is an intellectual college professor, Hampton Roth (played by Kevin Kline) and he has a book called “The Decline of Almost Everything,” and he just complains about how bad everything has gotten. It’s hilarious.

That’s America in 2022: The Decline of Almost Everything.

Not all of these problems are solely Democrats’ doing, but most of them are. The rest of them can be traced to Corporate America’s unchecked malfeasance.

This is not to absolve Republicans, however. The Republicans are just as culpable as the Democrats. They had full control of Government from 2017-2019 and they did nothing to tackle any of these problems. Republicans are little more than token opposition. They talk a big game, but they don’t actually have the guts (or probably even the desire) to fix any of these problems.

And before Democrats were the party of Big Business, the Republicans were the Party Of Big Business. They still largely are–hell, big business controls both parties. Add another one to the list.

But the thing of it is, virtually all of these problems are man-made. Either our government or the corporations are causing all of them. All of them. Every single last one of them. The good news is that problems that man has created, man can also solve.

It’s not as if our problems are due to circumstance–for example, a nation like Haiti or some Caribbean island that gets destroyed by a hurricane every 5-10 years or so.

It’s not as if we’re a dirt poor country with structural geographical and economic deficiencies that simply cannot be fixed.

These problems can be fixed, and eventually they will be fixed one way or another.

Anything that cannot go on indefinitely, won’t. Everything about America today is unsustainable and destined for disaster.

And in a big-picture sense, things generally go in cycles as far as the rise and fall of nations and empires. It’s not just the weather that’s seasonal: civilizations also have “winters” (collapse) and “summers” (golden ages).

I’m sure you’ve heard the adage:

This is precisely why there is a cyclical nature to the rise and decline of empires and nations.

It’s likely that we are simply living in the hard times, caused by weak men who refuse to stand up to the malefactors.

We can only hope that the hard times we’re in will result in a generation of strong men who will in time turn things around, and the cycle will begin anew.

And we can all do our part by either becoming or continuing to be the strong men who create the good times for society.

In fact, that’s really all we can do on a personal level.

That, and get involved in politics on a more local basis. This means voting in primaries and keeping tabs on local government–possibly even running for local government office.

All it really takes is a small number of strong and outspoken leaders, to be honest. Most people are good and decent and have the right priorities, but the problem is most people are afraid to really stand up and fight for what they believe in.

But they will follow a leader who isn’t afraid.

One brave person who says what everyone else is too afraid to say can have a tremendous impact on both the country and the world.

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