CDC: During Delta Wave, Natural Immunity Was Stronger than Vaccine “Immunity”

Everything that was once Fringe Conspiracy is now orthodoxy:

CDC Says Natural Immunity Outperformed Vaccines Against Delta Strain | The Daily Caller

Natural immunity from prior infection granted stronger levels of protection against the Delta variant of COVID-19 than vaccination alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a study released Wednesday.

Before Delta became dominant, individuals who had natural immunity were experiencing higher case rates than individuals who were only vaccinated, the study found, but after Delta took hold, those with natural immunity caught COVID-19 less frequently than those who were only vaccinated.

The study examined four categories of people — unvaccinated and vaccinated who survived a previous COVID-19 infection, and unvaccinated and vaccinated who had never been infected — in California and New York between May and November 2021. The highest case rates were among those who had neither been vaccinated or previously infected. The most protection against infection and hospitalization was in those who had both been vaccinated and survived an earlier bout with the virus.

The agency cautioned that the data in question only measured results against the Delta variant and that Omicron may present new challenges that alter the calculus of natural immunity versus vaccination.

Honestly, I’m just shocked the government is now acknowledging that natural immunity is a thing that exists.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall ever hearing the government even mention natural immunity other than to point out that natural immunity fades in a few months tops.

Once you take the natural immunity redpill, though, it becomes a lot harder to promote vaccines as people’s only saving grace.

Could the government be going in that direction? Don’t get your hopes up, but it seems as if they’re in the process of capitulating on Covid-19 across the board. We might be surprised.

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