Gavin Newsom, At Site of LA Train Robberies, Asks: “What the hell is going on? We look like a third world country.”

Has he forgotten he’s the Governor of California?

But hey, at least he’s acknowledging that there’s a problem. That’s a lot better than can be said about other Democrats in this country:

It is very rare for a Democrat to actually admit the existence of the real problems in this country.

Democrats acknowledge the existence of fake problems all the time: white supremacism, domestic terrorism, unvaccinated people, climate change, etc.

But they never acknowledge the existence of real problems: spiking crime, spiking inflation, illegal immigration, etc.

To the extent they acknowledge those real problems, they will only do so if there’s a way to blame Republicans, and then offer a “solution”–a fake solution which will actually make the problem worse, given that the problem probably only exists in the first place because of Democrats.

As I went over the other day, the US hasn’t just fallen apart due to omission on the part of the government.

America’s problems are due to commission, not omission.

Things are the way they are because the Democrats want them that way. And so we can never expect the Democrats to come up with any real solution to any real problem, because the Democrats created the problem in the first place!

The reason the train robberies are happening right now is because LA’s top prosecutor, George Gascon, is pro-crime. He’s allowing crime to skyrocket because he wants more of it. He is a radical ideologue who believes it’s better to pursue “social justice” by not prosecuting criminals than it is to keep the city safe and orderly.

It’s not as if this crime wave in Los Angeles is some problem that just “happened” spontaneously. It is a direct result of policies that the Democratic Party has deliberately implemented.

And it will not be solved until the Democratic Party decides that it’s going to stop being pro-crime.

The only exception to this rule is if the Democrats feel that they might pay a political price for not solving the problem. Then they will probably solve it.

This is the only way Gavin Newsom can be convinced to crack down on the train robberies in LA: if he feels it’s going to harm his political standing irreparably.

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