Is CNN Turning on Biden?

Now, it must be stated at the outset that the man ripping Brandon to shreds in this video is a former George W. Bush administration official, but the fact that it was even allowed to air on CNN should raise some eyebrows. I think we might be seeing a shift:

Just quickly to address the point made at the end of the video: Why is Brandon so angry?

Because he has dementia! People with dementia are often overly angry and combative, often for no apparent reason at all. In fact it’s a telltale sign of dementia. Anyone who knows someone in their life who has dementia can tell you this.

Moving on (or as Brandon would say, “Anyway.”) CNN is now allowing people to criticize Brandon live, on air and without quickly cutting to commercial.

Better late than never, I guess.

However, while it’s nice to see the truth return to CNN after a very long hiatus, it could simply be the case of a broken clock being right twice a day, and that we should not expect more of it out of CNN.

Or it could be part of a very coordinated and orchestrated plan to kick Brandon to the curb.

Obviously CNN is not about to flip and go conservative.

If anything, they’re laying the groundwork for a Dump Biden movement that will eventually result in him being saddled with the blame for all the disastrous policies that have been imposed on the American people during Biden’s administration. There’s a good chance we’re about to go into a recession in the next year or two. Who better to saddle with that recession than an 80-year-old with dementia that can be easily discarded?

I have since 2020 thought of Joe Biden as a “sacrificial lamb” sort of figure whose only utility to the ruling class was to get rid of Donald Trump, and then, once in office, serve as a figurehead President with no real power or say in anything.

Why Biden? Well, probably for a variety of reasons. First, because Obama and Bill Clinton–far and away the two most popular living Democrats–are both term-limited and can’t be President ever again barring a Constitutional amendment. And Joe Biden was viewed as the closest thing to Obama. Democrat shot callers figured Biden would be able to benefit from some Obama nostalgia more than any other candidate in the field.

They certainly could not allow Bernie Sanders to be the nominee, which is why they rigged both the 2016 and 2020 primaries against him. Hillary was a no-go in 2020 after getting schlonged in 2016.

And Biden’s dementia was actually a selling point for party bigwigs, who realized that they could use Biden as a supposedly moderate Trojan Horse to secure control of the White House, and then implement a radical leftwing agenda–which the American people would have resoundingly rejected if it were actually explicitly campaigned on–in his name.

Why would Biden himself go along with it? Well, the man has been desperate to be President his entire life. You do not run for US Senate at the age of 29, which he did, without having aspirations to one day be President. You just don’t. The old saying is that every Congressman looks in the mirror and sees a future Senator, and every Senator looks in the mirror and sees the future President. Joe Biden has dreamed of being President his entire life.

Before running in 2020, he ran in 2008, failing miserably. But he also ran for President way earlier, in 1988, where he also failed miserably. They probably came up to him and said “We’re going to make you President but the catch is that you won’t actually be in charge and you’ll probably be extremely unpopular. However the history books will eventually realize you were a great president.”

And of course he accepted.

That’s the way these liberals think. They are so dogmatic and cultish—so thoroughly convinced of their own brilliance—that when the American people show overwhelming disapproval to their policies, they only take that as a sign that they have to impose their policies on the American people either underhandedly or by force.

Overriding everything they do and say is an unshakable belief that They Know What’s Best For You and everybody else. They are so dead certain of this that they will stop at nothing to impose their policies on you, no matter how hard you resist. They believe Covid-19 vaccines are good for you. You don’t. What is their response? To get you fired from your job unless you take the vaccine. “One day you’ll thank me! Oh and by the way, you’re not eligible for unemployment!” they say to you.

That’s how they roll. They’re rabid and radical ideologues on top of being corrupt, money-grubbing scammers. They probably told Brandon that although the American people would hate him in the moment for the $4.00 a gallon gas prices, one day they’ll realize he was doing them a favor because it made them switch to electric cars.

This was how they sold it to Brandon. “Yes, you’re going to be extremely unpopular while you’re in office, but the American people will one day realize you were doing the right thing.” And of course he accepted.

And so immediacy the media flipped the switch and began pumping out the New Narrative on Joe Biden.

I brought this up in 2019 when the media was ramping up the “It’s Finally Joe Biden’s Turn To Be President” fairytale narrative, but it bears repeating because I think it has been lost somewhat.

Joe Biden has never been this dignified and reserved wise elder statesmen the media suddenly began portraying him as in 2019.

The idea that Joe Biden was going to be the man to restore “civility” and “morality” and “decency” to this country was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Do people not have any memories of Joe Biden prior to 2019? Joe Biden himself certainly doesn’t, but do the American people?

This guy has always been a clown, a laughingstock, a sophomoric buffoon. He was little more than comic relief during his 8 years as Obama’s Vice President.

It should be no surprise at all that he’s a complete disaster as a President–and it’s not just because he now has dementia.

He would have been a disaster as President even before his brain began giving out on him.

He’s always had a screw loose to begin with.

This is a guy who finished 76th out of 85 in his law school class. He was busted for plagiarizing a paper in his first year of law school all the way back in 1965.

He also plagiarized numerous speeches during his first Presidential bid back in 1988.

This is a guy who is so boneheaded he said, in 2006 while running for President, with cameras rolling, “You cannot go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts without a slight Indian accent.”

And if you think he was just joking, he followed it up immediately with, “I’m not joking!” as he cracked his famous shit-eating grin.

Yeah, this guy is totally going to Make America Moral Again.

During the Obama years, The Onion had a long-running series of hilarious articles that portrayed Biden as some sort of stuck-in-the-1980s burnout and part-time pot dealer who drove a Trans Am:

No one took the guy seriously, until all of the sudden, in 2019, the media started portraying him as this austere, respected, grandfatherly figure who represented the idea of the “Adults in the Room” returning to power.

If you believed the hype on Biden and any of what’s happened in this country over the past year has been a shock, that’s completely on you.

Biden has always been a clown, and it’s largely the fault of Fake News outlets like CNN that people began thinking otherwise.

It’s nice that CNN is allowing the truth to grace its airwaves for a change, but by no means does this even come anywhere close to even beginning to absolve CNN for all the damage it has both done to this country and enabled over the past 5 years.

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