State Department Begins Evacuating US Embassy in Ukraine in Anticipation of Imminent Russian Invasion

It’s about to go down:

This does not seem like something we’d do if it was only the Donbass Region in eastern Ukraine in the crosshairs.

It’s starting to feel like the entire country of Ukraine is about to fall—like Russian forces will be in Kiev before we know it.

In fact, when you couple this with what we saw in Afghanistan over the summer, it feels like the US Empire is in the process of crumbling before our eyes.

Of course, it only feels that way now because the US government decided to needlessly involve itself in this Ukraine situation. Brandon is trying to be a big tough guy despite everyone in the world knowing the US is not going to deter the Russians from invading.

We have no dog in this fight. If we would’ve just left it alone, then we wouldn’t have to suffer the inevitable embarrassment when Russia ignores our empty threats and goes ahead with the invasion.

We need to stop this idiotic foreign policy of laying out “red lines” that everyone knows we’re never going to enforce. It just makes us look weak.

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