The US Military is a Joke

Who approved this?

I am only vaguely aware of who Lana Del Rey is. I know she’s a singer but I don’t know any of her songs.

Why is the US Army projecting this message?

Are they playing mind-games with the Russians and the Chinese to seem like they’ve become completely pussified?

Or are they really this pussified?

If this is simply deception, I don’t know why they’d want to appear pussified. I get the Sun Tzu axiom of appearing weak when you are strong and appearing strong when you are weak.

But when you are a global empire, you cannot appear weak at all. That’s how you lose control. That’s how Russia gets the idea that it can invade and takeover Ukraine.

Other than a very specific instance in the middle of a battle where you’re trying to get the enemy to rush into a trap, I don’t know why a military would want to appear weak and feminized.

I think this is legit. I think the Army has really become pussified.

America is a paper tiger. Apparently we want everyone to know it.

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