State Department to Americans in Ukraine: You’re On Your Own. Good Luck!

Not even 6 months after the fall of Kabul:

Let’s hope every American can get out of Ukraine before the fighting starts. I would imagine it’s not that difficult compared to how things were in Afghanistan over the summer. At least right now. It’s about a 7 hour drive from Kiev to the Polish border if no flights are available.

Meanwhile the Washington Post is running more pro-war propaganda written by CIA spooks, this time trying to pressure Brandon into going to war with Russia:

Who in their right mind wants to Brandon to lead the US into war?

Even if it were a necessary war, would anyone really want Brandon as the Commander in Chief? Come on.

Now the New York Times reports that Biden is being advised to send thousands of US troops to Eastern Europe and the Baltics:

Biden Weighs Deploying Thousands of Troops to Eastern Europe and Baltics | New York Times

President Biden is considering deploying several thousand U.S. troops, as well as warships and aircraft, to NATO allies in the Baltics and Eastern Europe, an expansion of American military involvement amid mounting fears of a Russian incursion into Ukraine, according to administration officials.

The move would signal a major pivot for the Biden administration, which up until recently was taking a restrained stance on Ukraine, out of fear of provoking Russia into invading. But as President Vladimir V. Putin has ramped up his threatening actions toward Ukraine, and talks between American and Russian officials have failed to discourage him, the administration is now moving away from its do-not-provoke strategy.


In a meeting on Saturday at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland, senior Pentagon officials presented Mr. Biden with several options that would shift American military assets much closer to Mr. Putin’s doorstep, the administration officials said. The options include sending 1,000 to 5,000 troops to Eastern European countries, with the potential to increase that number tenfold if things deteriorate.

Tenfold?! WHY?

We have no dog in this fight at all.

Mr. Biden is expected to make a decision as early as this week, they said. He is weighing the buildup as Russia has escalated its menacing posture against Ukraine, including massing more than 100,000 troops and weaponry on the border and stationing Russian forces in Belarus. On Saturday, Britain accused Moscow of developing plans to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine.

“Even as we’re engaged in diplomacy, we are very much focused on building up defense, building up deterrence,” Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said in an interview that aired Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “NATO itself will continue to be reinforced in a significant way if Russia commits renewed acts of aggression. All of that is on the table.”

Ukraine is not a member of NATO!

Sure, the Baltic States are, and obviously if Russia goes into Ukraine and has success, they’ll probably turn their attention to the Baltic States, but again, we really don’t have a dog in that fight, either. It would only be to honor the NATO commitment. In other words, it would be incredibly stupid.

What is the point of NATO if it just increases the risk of America going to war with Russia? Russia has way more of a vested interest in that area of the world than we do.

So far, none of the military options being considered include deploying additional American troops to Ukraine itself, and Mr. Biden has made clear that he is loath to enter another conflict following America’s painful exit from Afghanistan last summer after 20 years.

But after years of tiptoeing around the question of how much military support to provide to Ukraine, for fear of provoking Russia, Biden officials have recently warned that the United States could throw its weight behind a Ukrainian insurgency should Mr. Putin invade Ukraine.

Yeah, that should work. Just like it has worked in every other country we’ve meddled in!

And the deployment of thousands of additional American troops to NATO’s eastern flank, which includes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Biden administration officials said, is exactly the scenario that Mr. Putin has wanted to avoid, as he has seen the western military alliance creep closer and closer to Russia’s own border.

Maybe don’t provoke him and act like you’re entitled to having a military presence on Russia’s doorstep? Ever think of that?

“We’re going to actually increase troop presence in Poland, in Romania, et cetera, if in fact he moves,” Mr. Biden said. “They are part of NATO.”

During a phone call this month, Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III warned his Russian counterpart, Sergey Shoygu, that a Russian incursion into Ukraine would most likely result in the exact troop buildup that Mr. Biden is now considering.

At the time of the phone call — Jan. 6 — the Biden administration was still trying to be more restrained in its stance on Ukraine. But after unsuccessful talks between Mr. Blinken and the Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, on Friday, the administration is eying a more muscular posture, including not only diplomatic options like sanctions, but military options like increasing military support to Ukrainian forces and deploying American troops to the region.

Why do we always have to be involved in every conflict in the world? Why is this our business at all? This is so stupid.

This is not our fight. We have nothing to gain from this and everything to lose here.

Our government is the worst. The absolute worst.

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