Canada’s Freedom Convoy Is Extremely Based 🍁🍁

I found a great video documenting one guy’s ride in the Freedom Convoy that is rolling through Canada as we speak.

If you’ve heard about the truckers protesting up in Canada, this is the video to watch. This guy’s name is Tanner O’Krane and his YouTube channel–which until just a few days ago was primarily about cars and his garage–is, as far as I can tell, the best place to go for updates on the Freedom Convoy.

He says at the beginning it’s about a 2,100-mile drive from where he lives to the Canadian Capital of Ottawa, which means he must live somewhere in the far west of Canada; Alberta or British Columbia.

It’s a long video and it’s great the whole way through, but if you’re short on time he condenses a lot of the best highlights in the first 5-6 minutes or so and that’ll give you a good sense of what the Freedom Convoy is really like.

These people aren’t just trying to take their country back; they’re trying to take their lives back after 2 long years of lockdowns, restrictions and mandates.

I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen when they get to Ottawa. There’s a hell of a lot of truckers in this convoy, it seems like.

Justin Trudeau just won reelection as Prime Minister in the fall, but Canada has an odd system of choosing its leaders–at least from my American perspective. I understand it’s a parliamentary system, but I don’t know how the seats are allotted. For instance, Trudeau’s Liberal Party received about 200,000 fewer votes nationwide than did Erin O’Toole’s Conservative Party, but the Liberals finished with 160 seats in Parliament to the Conservatives’ 119 (170 is required for a majority, so the Liberal Party formed an alliance with the New Democratic Party, which won 25 seats).

Right now, Trudeau’s approval rating is about 38%, but it’s a lot different in Canada than it is in America when you consider that Trudeau’s Liberal Party only garnered about 32.6% of the vote in the last election.

So, it’s no surprise that there’s a great number of Canadians out there who are fed up with the Trudeau government’s Covid-19 policies.

Whether the truckers can actually force Trudeau’s resignation is yet to be seen. I really have no idea how the Canadian system of government works, to be totally honest.

But damnit if this isn’t one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. You’ve got a bunch of working class, salt of the earth people who have been pushed around for too long, and they’re just done with it.

I feel patriotic watching this and I’m not even Canadian.

You see these people driving down long stretches of highways in the dead of winter, often in very rural and sparsely populated parts of Canada, and still there’s tons of people lined up waving flags and cheering them on.

It restores your faith in humanity, honestly. When you see the massive outpouring of support for these truckers; people crowding the overpasses and roadside rest stops just to get a look at the Convoy and show their support–it’s a beautiful thing, really.

To be sure, a lot of these people are very pissed off. And rightly so. But there’s also a strong element of joy here, too–a lot of them seem like happy warriors. Or maybe they’re just Canadian. I don’t know.

But you get a strong sense of community, of coming together, of unity–and it’s all for the cause of freedom.

There are based patriots everywhere, and it’s nice to have some reassurance on that.

Wishing these wonderful patriots all the best. FJT!

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