Poll Shows 68% of People With BOOSTER SHOT Concerned About Getting Covid-19, Only 39% of Unvaxxed Worried

*David Attenborough voice: “Fascinating.”

How amazing that in the span of about 12 months, people have completely forgotten that vaccines are supposed to immunize you against viruses.

And yet this poll shows us that the more shots a person has had, the more they’re afraid of getting Covid-19.

Now, the relationship is probably backwards: the more afraid a person is of Covid-19, the more eager they’ll be to get All The Shots. And the less afraid a person is of Covid-19, the less likely they are to get a Vaccine™ shot.

But, shouldn’t we expect to see double-vaxxed–and especially BOOSTED*–people expressing a high degree of confidence that they won’t get infected with Covid-19?

Well, we would see that if the Vaccines™ actually worked.

But they don’t.

And even the people who have gotten booster* shots know it.

* If we keep seeing more data showing that vaccines provide negative efficacy against the virus, the word “booster” shot is going to have to be phased out and considered deceitful marketing, no? The data is pointing towards the “booster” shots doing the exact opposite of what the name suggests. What word means the opposite of “boost”? Decrease? Depress? Diminish? Curtail? Nothing really rolls off the tongue, but we should not be calling the third shot a “booster” when it does the exact opposite of boost your immune system.

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