๐Ÿ’ฏ Nick Freitas, VA State Legislator, Has Had About Enough of Democrats Calling Everyone Racist and Sexist

The energy is shifting in this country. Earlier today in a long post, I wrote that MAGA energy will exist in this country with or without Trump around. Trump didn’t invent it; he merely tapped into it.

This dude, Nick Freitas, is done being nice. Well worth your time:

Democrats are simply bullies. Their entire strategy revolves around bullying you into submission–whether it’s by calling you a racist or a sexist, or by having their allies in the corporate media destroy you, or by having the FBI ruin your life, or what have you. It’s all about bullying.

They are not interested in debate because their opinions are not subject to change.

There is no sense in playing nice with them. This guy understands.

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