Liberal SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer to Retire

Via Washington Examiner:

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire.

As one of three liberal justices on the court, his vacancy, reported by several outlets Wednesday, will pave the way for President Joe Biden to make his first pick for the nation’s highest bench.

Obviously, this doesn’t change the balance of the Supreme Court–it’s still going to be a 6-3 Republican Majority. The only reason this new vacancy matters is because this new justice will probably be considerably younger and on the court for a very long time–20 to 30 years generally speaking.

Breyer, 83, has served on the court since 1994, after he was appointed by President Bill Clinton to replace the liberal icon Harry Blackmun. One of the body’s most prominent liberals, Breyer consistently found himself at odds with the court’s conservative majority, and even more so during Donald Trump’s White House tenure after the Senate confirmed Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett.

Yeah, sure, whatever.

He’s retiring because he knows Democrats are going to get crushed in the midterms and lose control of Congress.

Here comes the good part:

Biden vowed during his 2020 campaign that if given the opportunity to name a Supreme Court justice, he would choose a black woman as the nominee.

One of the top-qualified candidates for selection is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who was backed by 50 Senate Democrats and three Republicans for appointment to the D.C. Circuit Court last year. Jackson was also on Obama’s Supreme Court short list in 2016.

It honestly cracks me up how ridiculous the Democratic Party has become. They’re not even trying to pretend it’s about choosing the best and brightest person for the job.

In the past they used to at least say publicly that choosing a Supreme Court Justice is about choosing the sharpest and most qualified nominee out there. Now all that matters is how many boxes the nominee checks on the Diversity Scorecard.

Imagine being a person that cares more about the skin color and gender of a Supreme Court nominee than whether the nominee is actually the best person for the job.

Of course, Democrats don’t have to really worry about the prospective nominee’s ideological bent, or their smarts, or their qualifications. Whoever it is will be a reliable liberal no less than 100% of the time, just like the other liberals on the court, and all the liberals in Congress, and all the liberals everywhere else in the country.

Democrats are a hivemind. There is no intellectual of philosophical diversity in the Democratic Party–it’s not allowed. Everyone must have the same stances on everything.

Most of them don’t even get to decide their own views on the issues; they get their marching orders from someone else. Pelosi, or Soros, or whomever, I don’t know.

Because, again, as I always say: the Democrats are not a political party. They are a mafia. There are only three things Democrat politicians are concerned with: perpetuating the Big Grift, making it Bigger and Griftier whenever possible, and tightening the Democratic Party’s grip on political power. That’s it. Literally everything they do and say is in pursuit of one of those three goals.

I’m just laughing at how pretty much immediately after the news of Breyer’s retirement hit social media, it was all:

Biden will nominate [BLACK WOMAN] to Supreme Court

Doesn’t matter who! As long as she’s black! (No word on how this news is sitting with the gender-neutral crowd)

But then again, I shouldn’t laugh too much because Republicans are no better. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, remember how immediately Trump and the Senate Republicans decided that they would be nominating a woman to replace her on the court, and then did so with Amy Coney Barrett?

I don’t have a problem with Amy Coney Barrett–at least not yet, we’ll give her some time to establish herself on the high court. But at least she ruled the right way on the OSHA mandate.

It’s more that she was nominated to the high court chiefly because she’s a woman. Now she actually may well have been the best possible nominee out there no matter what–it’s possible. But we don’t know that because no male judges were seriously considered for the Ginsburg seat. It was decided the moment Ginsburg died that she MUST be replaced by a woman no matter what.

Why did they decide that? Trump was President and Republicans controlled the Senate. They could’ve nominated anyone they wanted. But they voluntarily played the Democrats’ Identity Politics game. Why?

Certainly not because the GOP base was demanding a woman fill the spot. It was because they–the Republican politicians–were cowards–they were afraid of the howls and shrieks of the Democrats. They were afraid of Being Criticized by the media, because apparently once a Supreme Court seat is held by a woman, it can only be held by a woman from now on–it is Sexist to reduce the number of women on the Supreme Court, and so one day in the next 20-30 years the Supreme Court will be all women. And these feminists will still be railing against “the Patriarchy.”

I wanted Trump to nominate a man to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s open seat just to piss the Democrats and the media off.

Show them that you don’t play by their rules. That you cannot be bullied.

Let them scream and cry all they want. Why would you reward a child that throws a temper tantrum?

But that’s not how these Republican politicians roll. They apparently answer only to the media, and to the annoying feminist catladies and identitiy politics-obsessed liberals who represent like 15-25% of the country tops, and who vote 100% Democrat and would never dream of voting Republican ever in their lives.

“Ohhh no! We simply MUST nominate a woman for Ginsburg’s seat! If we don’t, we’ll be criticized by the media and lose the 2020 election!”

You lost it anyway, idiots.

Most Republicans are simply pussies, and that includes Trump.

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