🍁 Freedom Convoy Has Reached the Capital–PLUS, Trucker Convoys Against Vax Mandates Forming All Over the World 🍁

Now the fun begins:

A bit more on the situation:

These people are not leaving until they get what they came for, and that would be freedom.

God bless these truckers and everyone else that joined them. This is truly one of the most inspiring and heartening stories of our era.

If this works out, this could be the start of something truly incredible all across the world. In fact, it already might be.

ZeroHedge reports there are now Convoys forming in Australia, Brazil, Italy, and numerous other countries.

People all around the world have had enough. And these truckers in Canada were the ones who roused the masses to action. It’s like the dominoes were lined up, just waiting for somebody to push the first one over, and that first domino was the Canadian Truckers.

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