ADL: Only White People Can Be Racist

It’s official. Racism has been redefined:

Thus, in order to be an Anti-Racist, you must make it your life mission to destroy white people, of course!

The old definition, per the ADL, was as follows:

In other words, under the old definition of racism, anyone could be racist. But now, only white people can be racist.

In fact, the way this definition reads, it makes it sound as if all white people are simply inherently racist–like white people are the only race even capable of racism.

That’s the most jarring part of this.

Per the ADL’s definition, if you go to a non-white country, you will not see any sort of discrimination against racial minorities whatsoever. They are all perfectly harmonious and egalitarian, unlike white-majority countries where all non-white people are treated like garbage.

Of course this is utterly ridiculous–and to the point where you seriously have to wonder if this new definition of racism was written by a child, or at least someone with literally zero knowledge of anything that is going on in the world.

If only white people can Do Racism, then what’s it called when Hispanic gangs ethnically cleanse black people in Los Angeles?

What is it called when the Han majority in China systematically persecutes and, according to some, commits genocide against the Uighur minority?

What about when North African berbers racially discriminate against sub-Saharan Africans? Is that racism?

Apparently not, according to the ADL.

Racism is only something white people can do.

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