Tulsi Gabbard: “Identity Politics is Destroying our Country”

The discontent with Joe Biden’s policies–and Kamala Harris’ general unpleasantness–grows:

A new poll came out showing that 76% of the country disapproves of Biden’s stated intention to consider only black female nominees for the Supreme Court:

Poll: Most Americans want Biden to consider ‘all nominees’ in Supreme Court pick

More than three-quarters (76%) of Americans want President Joe Biden to consider all potential nominees to replace outgoing Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, according to a recent ABC News-Ipsos poll.

The poll comes after Biden said Thursday that he will announce his nominee before the end of February, and that the candidate will be a Black woman. Among Democrats, 54% supported considering all nominees regardless of race and gender. Just 23% of those polled wanted Biden to restrict his list of nominees to Black women.

What this poll shows us is that, more than just Americans being opposed to an identity-driven selection process for the Supreme Court, there is broad opposition to the woke left’s interpretation of affirmative action and its obsession with identity politics.

The poll shows us just how few Americans actually view race the same way as the Democratic Party does. It shows just how radical and fringe their identity politics agenda is.

Biden is pandering to the 23%. The Democratic Party as a whole panders to the 23%. That’s the percentage of the population that believes the race or gender of a Supreme Court nominee is more important than the nominee’s qualifications.

Understand just how small a percentage of the country the radical left truly is. I have often said I thought the divide in this country between Normal Americans and Insane Leftists was something like 65-35, maybe 70-30 at best, and this poll shows us it may perhaps be even more lopsided than this.

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