CNN President Jeff Zucker Resigns, Citing Relationship With Subordinate

This is the letter Zucker released:

This very short man, who has presided over CNN as it became the most liberal and untrustworthy name in news media, is now finished.

Look at him there in the middle. He’s so short. He’s gotta be 5′ 6″ tops.

And yes, the fact that he is short does discredit him.

He’s short, therefore he has a Napoleon complex, and is mad at the world because he’s so short.

How could the world be so unjust, so unfair, to make me this short?!

No doubt his network was so vicious toward Trump is because Trump has belittled him about his height:

“Folks, this is Jeff Zucker. He’s part of the Fake News! Look at how short he is? Can you believe that? What a disaster!”

“GRRR! That Donald Trump has made fun of me for being short one too many times! I’ll show him!

Apparently the woman Zucker has been carrying on an affair with is named Allison Gollust and she’s an executive at CNN who joined the company when Zucker did in 2013.

Worth it?

Yeesh. Maybe it’s a weird angle, but her eyes are freaky. Demonic, almost. They’re pitch black.

Okay, so Zucker was forced to resign, but this lady is actually staying at CNN and will not lose her job.

Because Patriarchy, I guess.

Many are saying there has got to be more to this story than just this affair, which apparently was well known to everyone at CNN.

And it’s far from the worst thing that has come to light at CNN over the past year or so:

But there was nothing sexually deviant about Zucker’s relationship with this woman. Sure, it was adultery and obviously wrong on those grounds, but this is tame compared to the depravity of those pedophile producers, and Jeffrey Toobin whacking off on a Zoom call.

So many are now concluding that we’re not being told the whole story here, and I think that’s probably the case.

It could have something to do with CNN’s horrible ratings these days.

I really have no idea. Nor do I really care all that much–no matter what it is, it won’t change my opinion on CNN.

Will getting rid of Zucker make CNN any better? Of course not. If anything CNN will get worse–more woke and more dishonest. I’d bet money Zucker’s replacement is a woman, and probably an extremely liberal woman at that.

Ultimately, though, Jeff Zucker is the enemy and we should celebrate his downfall.

I wish both Jeff Zucker and CNN nothing but the worst and hope CNN goes out of business.

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