Sweden & Finland Will Drop All Covid-19 Restrictions

More dominoes fall:

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson will announce on Thursday that all restrictions against coronavirus will be removed, following the example of neighboring countries, according to local media.

The Expressen newspaper, citing sources, reported that the government will announce that all mandatory restrictions will be allowed to expire next Wednesday. Some general advice – such as staying at home when you’re sick – will be maintained.

Although Sweden is experiencing a record-breaking surge in coronavirus cases, the situation in hospitals remains stable as the Omicron variant is considered to be milder with a lower risk of hospitalization.

Neighboring countries such as Denmark and Norway have already dropped nearly all of their restrictions against COVID-19. “It’s time to take back our everyday life,” Norway’s health minister said on Tuesday.

Also on Wednesday, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said the government plans to gradually lift coronavirus restrictions this month, with the aim of removing all curbs in early March.

So now all of Scandinavia has either returned to normal is in the process of returning to normal. The UK has also done so as well, and in fact was the first Western nation to completely go back to normal.

Anyone remember when the liberals used to say we need to be more like Scandinavia? That we need to adopt the “democratic socialism” system of Northern Europe, which entails a vast and generous welfare system, heavy taxes on the rich, universal healthcare, and free college?

I’m not hearing a whole lot of that anymore.

I thought Scandinavians were the Enlightened Ones who would show us the way to progressive utopia?

What ever happened to that?

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