WOW: Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe Announces Life is Going Back to Normal

I am assuming the Premier of a province in Canada is like the equivalent to a state governor in the US.

In these two videos, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe speaks about as honestly and candidly about Covid-19 as I’ve ever heard any government official speak (other than Ron DeSantis). This is the speech every politician needs to give–immediately.

This is long overdue, to be sure, and probably is happening in large part because of the truckers (whom he doesn’t mention) but regardless, this is a tremendous development.

It is a sign that freedom and sanity are winning:

Some choice quotes:

“[People] understand the risk. They are prepared to live with that risk more than they are prepared to live with government intrusion into their lives.”

“Remember when this first started, so very long ago? Government measures were supposed to last two weeks. Well, it’s been two years–two years of some of the most challenging times for this province, and quite frankly two years of some of the most challenging times that this world has seen.”

“Eradicating Covid is not realistic and ‘Covid Zero’ is not realistic. But normalizing Covid, or living with Covid, most certainly is. I’m concerned that Covid being the constant topic of conversation and dictating our daily lives will have a negative longterm influence on each of us in this province.”

“This perpetual state of crisis is having a harmful effect on everyone. For example, I heard this recently: ‘I did everything right and I still got Covid.’ Well, Covid is a virus. It’s a highly transmissible virus that many people are contracting. In its current form, both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are getting it and they’re getting it at virtually the same rate. So, to be clear, if you get Covid, you did nothing wrong. It’s just impossible for you or for anyone to eliminate all of the risk.”

“We may continue to see Covid morph into more forms over the coming months and year, but we need to end the perpetual state of crisis. Recently we dropped the requirements for close contacts to self isolate. And you’ve heard me talk many times about ending the proof of vaccination system in our province. Other provinces and other countries are also having this very important conversation about how they’re going to move forward living with Covid. In the coming days, the government of Saskatchewan will be taking a number of steps to manage Covid in the same way we manage other communicable diseases and seasonal viruses that we deal with every year.”

“What does this mean for us? It means Covid is not ending, but government restrictions on your rights and freedoms, those will be ending and ending very soon. So keep doing what you’re doing. Go get vaccinated if you have not yet. While it may not prevent you from getting Covid, it will significantly protect you from getting sick. Use rapid tests from time to time, stay home if you’re not feeling well. Travel, go to work, have dinner with your friends, go to the movies, go to your kids’ games, most importantly. you should do all of these things without constantly assessing if your every activity is absolutely necessary. What’s necessary is your freedom. What’s necessary is getting your life back to normal, and it’s time.”


This is the speech every politician in the world needs to give.

And I think this only happened because of the truckers.

It cannot be a coincidence, right?

I’m not saying the truckers have governments quaking in their boots or anything–that’s not it.

What the truckers–and everyone who has joined them–is showing leaders that it’s okay to lift these restrictions. People are ready for it. People are done living under lockdown.

Politicians are getting the message loud and clear: maintaining the lockdowns and restrictions for too long is more of a political liability than opening up too soon.

That’s what I think the truckers have accomplished. I think they have shown the government just how much people hate Covid restrictions.

Moe seemed like he was hinting that other provinces of Canada are planning to do the same, which is even better news.

If Canada is anything like the US, though, I’m assuming all the provinces aren’t on the same page. The liberal areas will probably be the last to give in and go back to normal–that’s how it will be here, too.

But the process is beginning whether the liberals like it or not. People are way past ready to go back to normal.

We’re done allowing these terrified hypochondriacs to govern us. We’re done sacrificing freedoms so these brainwashed idiots can “feel safe.”

It’s time to go back to normal whether these liberals like it or not.

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